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  • 1. I dont know how deep you know this disaster. But I know you will be deeply shocked.
  • 2. I dont know how many towns were destroyed. But I know many people lost their home.
  • 3. I dont know how does the house looks like before. But I know the old is not able to rebuild by himself.
  • 4. I dont know how many schools collapsed. But I know at that time many classrooms were full of students.
  • 5. I dont know why here is a schoolbage. But I know it must belong to one child.
  • 6. I dont know whether this mother saw her child still alive finally. But I know the child is the treasure of every family.
  • 7. But I know this mother has already been crying here for a long time. I dont know when was this child found already dead.
  • 8. I dont know how many people are still under the ruins . But I kn ow most of them will not survive.
  • 9. I dont know under the ruin the hands belong to a girl or boy. B ut I know the hands are eager to touch her or his parents again.
  • 10. I dont know what is time now. But I know it is a horrible time.
  • 11. I dont know the exact reason why they embraced tightly. But I know there must be some reason.
  • 12. I dont know what is the man looking for. But I know the possibility is quite low.
  • 13. I dont know why they are crying But I know the tear is from their heart.
  • 14. I dont know this child can survive or not. But I know in her little heart theres already a deep slot.
  • 15. I dont know how long did this man already speed under the ruin. But I know he is already very lucky in the earth quake.
  • 16. I dont know what did the finger language means by this nurse. But I know it doesnt mean victory.
  • 17. I dont know the drive already escaped or not. But I know the road was already completely blocked.
  • 18. I dont know where they are marching to. But I know where they are coming fromhome.
  • 19. I dont know whether they can have a good sleep here or not. But I know they dont have other choices right now.
  • 20. I dont know how many people are here. But I know big trouble will happen if no water and food supply.
  • 21. I dont know how did this man escaped from the collapse. But I know it is not an easy way now and future.
  • 22. I dont know whats the destination for them. But I know at this time only they can help themselves.
  • 23. I dont know where here is. But I know it is not their home.
  • 24. I dont know whether these babies can realize the tou gh situation. But I know w hen they grow up their parents will tell th em the story.
  • 25. I dont know what are they thinking about. But I know in their mind there is still hopes.
  • 26. Give your help hand, warm the heart of the people who are in the big trouble, support them to gain the courage of life, and rebuild the bright future