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An overview of the Aleutia E2 Mini PC, how it compares to traditional PCs, and information on how to connect to Solar Panels and mount on the back of an LCD.


  • 1. ALEUTIA Low Power Computing Presentation on the E2 Computer February 21st, 2008

2. Introducing theALEUTIA E2Computer 3. Who is the Aleutia E2 ideal for?

  • Anywhere where Durability, Low-Power Consumption, Price, Ease of Use, Support and Speed are important.
  • Schools, Internet Cafes, Clinics, ICT Centres, Small Businesses, Factory Floor Operations, and in the home

4. The E2:Consumes Just 8 Watts of Power! 97.7% Less Power! 78% Less Power! 95% Less Power! HP dc7800 Acer Power F6 365 Watts 250 Watts Apple Mac Mini 35 Watts 5. If you are completely off-grid, you can run it off a US$20 solar panel and a battery. 6. For example,This HP dc7800 Mini Tower

  • Heavy: 11.9 kgs
  • Bulky: 45cm height, 45cm depth
  • Expensive:$1000+
  • Unreliable:Lots of moving parts (hard drive, optical drive, fan) all more prone to failure

Traditional desktops are heavy, bulky, expensive and unreliable 7. In contrast, the Aleutia E2 is:

  • Lightweight: 505g
  • Tiny:11.5cm depth and width, 3.4cm height
  • Ultra reliable: No moving parts; everything compressed on one motherboard; rugged, aluminum chassis.
  • Inexpensive:$389.

8. The E2 really is small: with Blackberry Phone 9. Use the E2 as asecureAll-in-One PC: The E2 can be mounted on the back of any standard LCD, such as this 19 $200 Benq model. 10. Simply position over 100mm x 100mm VESA Mounting Bracket on back of display 11. Takes about 45 seconds to attach 12. And you have complete, all-in-one PC 13.

  • Reduced Footprint
  • Better Security

14. The Aleutia E2 in your school, clinic, business or IT Centre

  • A group of E2s can be connected into a network in your school, clinic or IT Centre, operating as a thin-client solution:
  • Low power: the computers can run off solar power and batteries
  • Rugged
  • VESA-Mountable so low foot-print
  • Reliable with three years local warranty and support
  • Fast
  • Connects to Edubuntu server, operates with Linux Terminal Server Project
  • Fully compatible with Citrix, Tarantella, Windows Terminal Service
  • Free Server!For orders over 30 units, we will include a free Edubuntu server (with 8GB of memory to ensure rapid performance). That saves you not only money, but also time spent configuring, selecting, and procuring a server. And we guarantee it will be low power!

15. How does it work as a Thin Client?

  • We configure a server with appropriate software (such as Edubuntu). All data resides on the server, which is powered by a UPS, that can in turn be connected to a solar grid.
  • Each E2 then serves essentially as a Keyboard, Video, Mouse device. Its so small that it can be built into the trunking that the Ethernet cables pass through (as shown above).

16. FAQ 17. Why not buy a laptop?

  • Smaller screen
  • Less reliable (moving parts, limited warranty)
  • If display fails - Big Problem. With desktop, you can just swap in a new display.

18. What are the technical specs?

  • Memory: 512MB DDR2 RAM.
  • Graphics:VIA UniChrome Pro II for 2D & 3D graphics with MPEG2 & MPEG4 decoding accelerator; up to 128 MB shared memory; can play HD Video.
  • VGA Port: Supports resolutions of up to 1920x1440.
  • Audio: VIA Vinyl VT 1708 chip (handles HD Audio).
  • Expansion: 3 x USB 2.0 Ports; 10/100 Mbps Ethernet Port.

19. Is 500MHz fast enough as a CPU? edimax Puppy Linux runsentirely in RAM .Programs move from the CF Card to RAM.In a traditional computer, programs are accessed through a hard drive and the hard drives speed (for instance, 7200 rotations per minute, or RPM) and the CPUs speed are the bottlenecks to faster performance.With Puppy running entirely in RAM, performance is extremely fast. 20. OpenOffice (Fully Compatible with MS Office) Opens in 2 seconds Firefox (Web Browser) Opens in 3 seconds Audacity (Sound Editing Tool) Opens in 4 seconds Benchmark Speeds of Pre-Installed Programs 21. What Does That Mean?

  • On a standard PC (such as an HP dc7800, Microsoft programs such as Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and Internet Explorer still take a while to open.
  • On the Aleutia E2 running Puppy Linux, OpenOffice or Firefox take only a few seconds to open. And OpenOffice is fully compatible with MS Office.

22. What are advantages of E2 over HP or Wyse Thin Client?

  • Low power consumption and price of E2 is only slightly less than Wyse S50.
  • However, the E2 boasts 512MB RAM onboard RAM, compared to 128MB on a Wyse S50. It also features a powerful graphics chipset.
  • That means, it can display and stream Video Content, making for a superior multimedia experience, especially important with education.
  • It also has a 3 Year Warranty, versus a 1 Year Warranty for most thin clients (including Wyse).

23. What kind of software is included?

  • Productivity: OpenOffice (fully compatible with Microsoft Word, Excel)
  • Browsing: Firefox, SeaMonkey, Dillo (fast browser ideal for slow connections)
  • Multimedia: Audacity (sound-editing)
  • Email: Thunderbird, similar to Microsoft Outlook
  • Communication: Skype, GAIM (instant messaging)
  • Games: SimCity, Tetris, Risk

24. What about Internet Connectivity?

  • The Aleutia E2 can connect through:
  • the 10/100Mbps Ethernet port to a LAN
  • through an optional USB modem
  • via a 3G/GPRS USB Modem (pictured).Drivers are included for plug-and-play access)

25. Why Buy from Aleutia?

  • Warranty
  • Support
  • Guarantee
  • TQM

26. Warranty Advantage Because the Aleutia E2 has no moving parts and all components have been selected for their reliability and compressed on one board, we are able to easily offerLocal Warranty for 3 Years .In a traditional computer, all sorts of components can fail. For instance, hard drives have a 3% annual failure rate.When a computer fails, each component (hard drive, graphics card, memory, etc.) has to be fault-tested and diagnosed by an engineer.With the E2, by contrast, a local reseller simply needs to open the chassis and snap in a new motherboard, which we ensure is in stock. The entire process takes less than 20 minutes.The reliability of the system enables us to shoulder the cost of a 3 Year Warranty. 27. Support Advantage 3 Years, Unlimited Aleutia and its partners pride ourselves on providing immediate support on any software or hardware related queries.Every E2 includes 3 Years of Unlimited Email Support at no additional charge.Moreover, for large projects, we are able to offer unlimited telephone support over 3 Years free of charge. 28. 90 Day Guarantee We offer a90 Day Money-Back Guaranteeon our computers.If you dont completely love the E2, you have 90 days to return to us for aFULL REFUND. 29. Total Quality Management (TQM) Aleutia maintains a cutting-edge online database that logs all serial numbers of its products.Every computers sale is recorded and logged - enabling faster turnaround of warranty fulfillment and optimal tech support. 30. ALEUTIA Low Power Computing Thank You! February 21st, 2008