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Getting desired referral traffic is the ultimate goal of an effective marketing campaign. Social Sharing is one of the most effective ways of improving social reach and traffic for website. Learn here how using social sharing one can drive referral traffic for website.


Drive Referral Traffic Using Social SharingSubmitted by : John LennonIntroductionGetting desired referral traffic is the ultimate goal of an effective marketing campaign.

Visitors coming through referral traffic are already interested in your business.

Specially traffic coming via social sharing visit your site on purpose.

All these factors narrate the importance of referral traffic for a business.

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How social sharing boosts referral traffic?From small start-ups to large multi-national organization, everyone is taking social sharing into consideration in order to drive referral traffic.

Social sharing makes it very easy for users to share your web content within their social networks.

Using social sharing helps to improve social reach and referral traffic.

Social Sharing buttons can be added to blogs, whitepaper, eBooks, videos, landing pages, emails, etc.References :

Location plays an important role!Social Sharing buttons should be placed below content such as blog post, landing page, etc.

Adding social sharing buttons to the left side of the page ensures that the sharing functionality is available everywhere.

One can also add social sharing buttons below the title, in the top right side of page.

Last but the most trendy now a days, is to include social sharing buttons in the content.References :

How to maximize social sharing benefits?Display social sharing buttons to at the noticeable places.

Make users know the difference between Share and Follow

There should be clear call to action by mentioning like Share it with friends or Like it? Share it with friends, etc.

Select those social sharing networks which are most preferred by your target audience.References :

Find the social media driving most trafficIt is very important for business to find out the most effective social media platforms and then focus on them.

Facebook, Twitter and Google+ are one of the most popular social media networks which must not be ignored.

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ConclusionSocial Sharing converts your users into brand ambassadors and when used correctly, can drive huge referral traffic to your site.

To know more about how social sharing helps in driving referral traffic, read the complete article here : How to drive referral traffic using Social SharingReferences :

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