Boy playing with ball X06484 by Ulf Bodin, Flickr Lets Learn with a Ball! Icebreakers, Activities, & Resources Play is our brain's favorite way of learning.- Diane Ackerman Benefits? Easy set-up Light Cheap Promotes active learning & TPR For all ages Image, Bounce Out by Amanda Tipton, Flickr Part of your teacher survival kit Altered image, inside my everyday pack by drive by shooter, Flickr Young Learners Ball Introductions Classroom circle time with Maria Knee by Wesley Fryer, Flickr Children sit in a circle Child says name then rolls the ball to a peer The child says the students name & asks a question Toddler Ball Intro Toddler says name & hits the ball with each syllable Invent a Sport Divide into groups Each group invents a sport, create the rules, etc. Teach it to the class Play Ball! Host a field day Play Olympic sports Play sports from around the world Teens & Adults Ball Icebreaker in Pairs Ball Review Toss Image, Q: Can I kick it? A: Yes, you can, by Todd, Flickr Teacher names category & toss till someone gets wrong, repeats, or takes longer than 3 seconds to answer Whats the Ball Say? Put masking tape Write directions or review questions Image, Q: Can I kick it? A: Yes, you can, by Todd, Flickr Ball Icebreaker Questions Ball Q&A Student catches the ball & answers a question Student asks a question & throws to a peer to answer Online Ball Games Ball Apps Altered image, Sphero by Rob Pegoraro, Flickr AR Soccer Magic 8Ball Image, 8-ball by Alexander Kozlov, Flickr Baseball & Math HD IOS App C is for Camera by @kevinv033, Flickr Useful tools!

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