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Digital Dialogues: Speaking Tools & Apps

“Everything becomes a little different as

soon as it is spoken out loud.”

– Hermann Hesse

Altered  image,  Pandora  at  MIT  by  Pinelife,  

Class discussions

Doesn’t work in Chrome! Talk groups

• Free  iPad  app  • Students  doodle,  comment  by  voice/text  • Upload  videos,  images,  documents  

Bring a scene or event to life! Speaking Prompts

Role play

• Characters  in  a  book  • Dialogues  between  historical  figures  • Characters  impacted  by  a  situaQon  

Puppet Pals HD

Character Texts �Tours or historical facts about places with Tellagami  IOS  &  Android  App


Image:  Occupy  DC  Television  Interview  by  Mr.TinDC,  

Character Texts �BuddyPoke 3D Avatar Creator IOS & Android App  

Character Texts �

• Talk  in  real-­‐Qme  over  the  same  Wi-­‐Fi  network  • Voice  distorQon  • OpQon  to  chat  with  built-­‐in  characters  • Send  voice  messages  via  email  • NO  third  party  adverQsing  • NO  in-­‐app  purchases  

Piiig Walkie Talkie for Kids IOS App  

Character Texts �

• Upload  images,  drawings,  or  choose  from  a  variety  of  characters  &  backgrounds  • Draw  on  the  pages  • Narrate  with  text  &  audio  • Embeddable  • Paid  app  

Create Collaborative Digital Stories  

Altered Image, Of Schoolgirls and Vader by Karanj, Flickr

Modernize dialogues

Character Texts �

• Upload  your  own  images  • Add  sQckers  • Add  mouths  to  characters  • More  than  one  slide  • Voice  distorQon    

YakIt for Kids IOS App  


Host a Talk Show

Cat  Brothers  Talk  Show  by  PATV  Channel  18  Iowa  City,  Flickr  

Google Hangouts

Draw collaboratively with

Talking  Ben  &  Tom  News  IOS  &  Android  App

Report the News

Animate animals,

drawings, & objects

Chatterpix Kids IOS App Talking Pictures

• Choose  a  character  • Famous  quote,  analyze  a  speech,  recite  a  speech,  modernize  a  speech  

• Student  A  describes  an  object  student  B  draws  • Exs.  An  alien,  new  planet,  invenQon,  monster,  favorite  place      

Drawing Directions  Photos  of  elementary  students  using  iPads  at  school  to  do  amazing  projects.  Photo  taken  by  Lexie  Flickinger,  Flickr,  CC  2.0  

Educreations screen/voice capturing web & IOS app

Skype classes or

guest experts

Character Texts �

Other notable apps

Character Texts �

• Record  voice  messages,  share  pics,  text  • Asynchrous  • Gives  you  a  link  for  IOS  • Group  chats  for  500  

Voxer IOS/Android App


30 Hands IOS App

Touchcast IOS App

• Create interactive, clickable videos with a built-in teleprompter, green screen, visual filters, sound effects, titles & more

Character Texts �

• Record  video  messages  quickly  • Syncs  with  your  phone  number  • Adult  learners  only  •  

Hollerback Video & Pic Walkie Talkie IOS App

Character Texts �

• Record  video  messages  quickly  • Syncs  with  your  phone  number  • Adult  learners  only  •  

Blab Video Walkie Talkie IOS App

Character Texts �

• Like  TwiZer  but  voice  • Adult  learners  only  •  

Melt Voice Social Network IOS App

Recite songs,

chants, speeches

Chain stories

Textbook gapfills & dialogues

Digital icebreakers







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