Transcript About Images Redefined Sucheta Das, a photographer based in Kolkata (India) started photography as a passion when she was a school student and had a hope in mind to capture the problems of human life around the world as a future photojournalist. She runs her own photography Institute Images Redefined in Kolkata, India for future professional and serious amateurs who want to take pictures like professionals. Whats The Big Need ? In many places across the globe, photography has turned out to be a popular industry. While some people take it as a mere hobby, others wish to pursue a career in it. In both the cases, you need to have a clear understanding of the fundamentals of photography. This will give you the potential to click quality snaps and impress others. Today, youll come across many institutions that offer commercial photography courses in Kolkata. Depending upon your specific needs, you can choose your suitable course. For example, if youre already aware of the fundamentals, there are many specialized courses for you. Again, there are part-time courses for working professionals. Here are a Few Top Benefits of Formal Photography Courses: Understanding the key technical details of a camera Analyzing the connection between lights and images Learning the vital essentials of capturing different moments Knowing the significance of flash and lens Realizing the key concepts that could be put into use Professional photography is far beyond taking a DSLR camera and clicking a picture. A proper photography course delves deep into the practical and technical aspects of the task. A good photography school or institution offers traditional photography courses, along with hands-on training and internships in big projects. Top photography institutions upgrade their set of courses according to the latest technology and equipments used in the market. When getting enrolled in a photography course, make sure that you ask about the equipments used in the institution. Take a look at the alumni feedback to get an idea about the institution and its services. Contact Details of Images Redefined Photography Institute Address: 21/7 Sahapur, New Alipur, Kolkata - 700053, India (Near State Bank New Alipur Branch) Mobile: +91-9830796777 Email: [email protected] Website: AOL: suchetadas

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