• Top things your Philippine Hours of Operation Cease those phone calls of people asking what your hours are, make your life and your customers lives easier by letting them see when your open and closed. Parking Info Have a tricky parking situation? Mention it on your site under your address to help people before they arrive. The restaurant experience goes beyond just the food. Accurate pricing Allow for customers to make informed decisions if your restaurant is what they are looking for that particular day or evening. Lack of knowledge can create an undesirable surprise in food price upon arrival. Reservation requirements Some restaurants know that their busy peak hours will force people to have a reservation ahead of time. Make this clear as possible so people can save time and your staff can plan better. Payment options Made with love by Nothing is worse than enjoying a meal and being told after they do not accept credit card. If this is you, be up front with website visitors so negative situations like this can be prevented. About section People love a good story, create a section on your site that outlines what your restaurant is about and why a cus- tomer should go there. Tell your origins if they add to the character or your establishment or amuse readers. Address MY WEBSITE OUR MENU MON-FRI 8AM - 22PM +63 6543 09876 +63 0967 54321 The quickest way to lose a potential customer is make them struggle to find where you exist. Be sure to include nearby landmarks. Menu Have a detailed menu with photos if possible that gives interested people an accurate idea of what they could order upon going to your restaurant. Detailed photos cost very little money and forever benefit your menu and website. Phone numbers A direct phone number for all questions possible is a necessary feature for every website. Allow interested customers to get in touch with you as easily as possible. Dress codes Although this may pertain to only a handful of restaurants, sometimes a strict dress code could prevent someone dining without closed toe shoes or a dress shirt. Let people know on your site and you can help prevent angry patrons from being turned down. RESTAURANT WEBSITE needs to have today 3G 4:08 PM Lunch Dinner $ $ $ $ $ $ 81%of consumers have searched for a restaurant on a mobile device htt p://

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