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  • 1. Rediscovering Public Work! Douglas County Libraries! June 17, 2011!Presented by John Creighton!!

2. Living with Teenagers! 3. Attitudes towardInstitutions!Trust = Historic Lows! 4. Pollsters Ask!What would lead you to trust government more?! 5. People Say!1. Demonstrate performance!2. Be transparent show us how you spend our money!3. Eliminate waste, fraud and abuse! 6. We say! We already do all those things.! It must be a communicationsproblem.!We just need to get better at selling ourselves.! 7. Performance !Financial Support! 8. A New Context! 9. People seek out experienceswith less regard for traditionalboundaries of time or place. ! 10. People are poised to be doers eager to tackle meaningfulchallenges as activeparticipants. ! 11. For the first time in history,we are shifting from acommunity centric to !individual centric society.! 12. People are overwhelmed with access. A new challenge forindividuals and society is howto effectively manage abundance.! 13. Those things in our lives thatgive us a sense of identity and security are extinct, elusive, temporary and/or fragmented.! 14. A Growing Disconnect! 15. 20th Century Institutions! Designed to serve geographic communities on set schedules.! Treat people as passive consumers rely on professionals & officials to decide and do things for people.! 16. 20th Century Institutions! Require people to conform put the needs of the institution ahead of individuals.! Were created to solve the problems of scarce resources and limited access.! 17. 20th Century Institutions! Derive emotional support from the same sources that give people a sense of identity and security.! 18. A Different World!2002! 19. A Different World!Six Families with ElementarySchool Aged Children ! Six Different Schools ! 20. Neighborhood Schools?!Home 21. 1990s!Choice?! 22. Now:!Choiceis non-negotiable! 40%! Same Family = !Different School for each child! 23. Why Have PeoplesExpectations Changed?! 24. Because They Can!! 25. What makes school choice possible?! 26. Cars per driver! 1960 = .85! 1980 = 1.08! 2009 =1.17! Households with 2+ Cars in 2009:! 57.5%! 27. Culture Follows Structure!sjh foto (Flickr) 28. Amish are mindful that structuralchanges can disrupt culture.!They ask, how do we keep culture static?!The rest of us pretend that culture isstatic. Or, perhaps shapes structures.! We are left to deal with! a culture turned on its head. ! 29. Structural Change =!Social Turmoil! " AssemblyLine! " Telephone! " The Pill! 30. Structural Change =!Social Turmoil!" Power& profits!" Relationships!" Roles& responsibilities!" Social norms & values! 31. Mind-blowing Change!We all have access to the tools of of design, production, distribution & communication. Cheap & mobile.! 32. A New Role for MediatingInstitutions! 33. 20th Century! High costs! Geographic limits! Cumbersomelogistics! Limited communications! 34. Capital & People! 35. Practical Solution =!Centralized Institution!" Production schedules!" Distribution networks!" Rules and regulations!" Massmarkets! 36. Institutions ShapedOur Lives! Language! Habits! Rewards! Character! 37. Results We Had to Live With!One Size Fits All Solutions!Take It or Leave It Decisions!Change = Influence Those in Power! 38. 20th Century! A critical need:!Affordable Access! 39. Practical Response! Poolour resources! Sharecosts and goods! Hire professionals! Elect representatives! 40. Access to information = Public libraries! Access to education = Public schools! Access to health care = Public health insurance! Access to utilities = Quasi-public, regulated industries ! 41. 20th Century Public Work!Create, govern & fund public institutions.! 42. Who Does !Public Work?!Over past 50 years, we have shifted from governors of public services to consumers of public services.! 43. Then, the big change!Costs moving toward zero! 44. Choice!Single songs available at Walmart = 50,000 versusSingle songs available on Rhapsody = >400,000Raymond van Dongelen, 2005 45. Customization! 46. Participation!(prosumers)! 47. Collaboration! 48. Socialization! 49. Self-Organization 2.0!DIY/Guerrilla Repairs ! 50. New Attitudes!Given the opportunity, people prefer to decide and do things for themselves on their terms.!People are willing, often prefer, to by-pass traditional institutions.! 51. New Behaviors! Reject authority! Think like consumers! Retreat to comfortable communities! Give-in to immediate desires at expense of long-term needs! 52. How Do InstitutionsRespond?!" Record" Schools!Companies!" Publishing" Doctors!Companies!" Newspapers! " Libraries?! 53. Save Our __________________ 54. Preserve the Institution!How can we renew (protect)peoples demand for what wealready do so we dont haveto change?! 55. Hear What We !Want to Hear!Consensus in 1995: Roll the Presses.!With few exceptions, virtually everyone agrees that new media is merely a supplement to the traditional print paper.! 56. Deaf to Emerging Aspirations!Buried in the Report:!" Peoplewant more choice and control in how they receive their news.!" Peoplewant greater interaction with journalists and each other.! 57. Dont Pay Enough Attentionto Structural Changesthat Will Force Change! 58. Whats Next?!?!Our institutions, our economy, our culture were built on assumption that resources are scarce and costs are high.! 59. Whats Next?!?!Neither individuals nor institutions are certain how to navigate the new context.! 60. Fundamental Questions!What requires public work beyond access?!What institutions can best support this work?! 61. Start with the needs of the community.!Set aside the needs ofthe institution.! 62. Tensions people express! Poised to be doers searching for meaningful ways to contribute! Overwhelmed by access seeking to live with greater intention! Security & identity up in the air what kind of culture do we want! 63. Implications for ! Public Institutions! Help communities name work they can (and should) do together! Eliminate the walls between community and institution (not just a place to go)! 64. Implications for!Public Institutions! Maximize value-added of professionals and experts! Help people to do new kinds of public work do things for the community not just the institution! 65. Rediscovering Public Work!Knowledge & Information! Capture narratives that bring people together & move people forward! Produce and curate local knowledge build a civic information corps! Identify resources available to support community needs! 66. Rediscovering Public Work!Social Networks! Deepen place based relationships! Help people build bridging relationships! Facilitate conversations among groups that need to come together! 67. Rediscovering Public Work!Action! Connect experts & mentors with people who need support! Provide studio time for people to produce goods! Build & support public work 2.0 platforms help people contribute! 68. Rebuild EmotionalAttachment to Community! Known and in the know! Socially connected! Do meaningful work together! Share a sense of purpose! 69. How to Connect with Me:!!!! twitter@johncr8on!!