dooars forests: the beauty of nature beyond imagination

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  • 1. Dooars Forests: The Beauty of NatureBeyond

2. Welcome to DooarsDooars is famous for itsrich biodiversity and superfluityof wildlife in its Gorumara National Park,Chapramari forests, Jaldapara Wild LifeSanctuary and Buxa Tiger Reserve.Beautiful motor able roads cuttingthrough deep forests, mauve hillsstanding at the end of velvetgreen plains, forests echoing with themelody of birds and fabulous wildlifesanctuaries with picture-postcard, logcabin lodges, valleys carpeted with teagardens, small quiet ethnic villages,vast meadows with a blue outline ofthe Himalayan ranges in the horizon,endless sky.... You are in Dooars! 3. Jaldapara Wild Life Sanctuary: Jaldapara is the largestwildlife sanctuary in Dooars covering an area of approx217 sq.kms. It is located in Alipurduar subdivision atJalpaiguri District. Jaldapara is covered mostly with tallgrass & a wide variety of green vegetation, which makesJaldapara a heaven for many endangered spices. RiverTorsha flows through the sanctuary. Malangi is also animportant river flowing nearby. 4. Chapramari Wild Life Sanctuary: Chapramari, 32 kms fromPanchavati is famous for its jungle and elephants. The place is thehome to various other animals like Gaur, Wild boar, Leopards,Royal Bengal Tiger, Himalayan Langoor, deer, reptiles etc. Thesanctuary is a paradise for bird watchers. Here one can viewvarious type of birds like Black partridges, Green pigeon, Florican,Peafowl, Flinch, Bee-eater, Hornbill, Roller, and many more. 5. +91-983-069-4705 http://www.dooarsecoviillege.comGorumara National Park: Gorumara National park is situatedopposite to Panchavati. One can watch several kilometers offorest from the watch tower. Gorumara National Park is theland of the prehistoric Great Indian one horned Rhinoceros.One gets to see wild animals like Elephants, Indian Bisons,Wild Boars, Leopards, Peacocks, Rock Python, Sambar Deer,Barking Deer and many birds. Permits are available fordifferent Watch Towers. Car safari is available duringafternoon with visit to Tribal village and witness to Tribalculture. 6. Buxa Tiger Reserve Forests:Once famous for dolomitemining, Buxa was declared atiger reserve in 1983 and gotthe status of National park in1992. Located in the Assam-Bhutan border, Buxa has anarea of 745 sq km, the largestforest in North Bengal and hasthe second highest tigerpopulation in West Bengalafter Sunderbans.The park holds maximumnumber of elephant, Indianbison, leopard, many speciesof deer and many smallermammals, innumerablespecies of birds and reptiles. 7. Samsing & Suntaley Khola: Itis a nature lovers paradise.The journey to Samsing is amemorable one, as you slowlyride uphill through the mostpicturesque Dooars tea gardenon the rolling hill slopes.Suntaley Khola is about fourkilometers further up the roadfrom Samsing.It gets its name from asmall stream; SuntaleyKhola.In Nepali Suntaley meansorange and Khola meansstream. It is also a place forbirding with birds. Thehills with green all aroundwill never let you feel alonein this divine landscape. 8. Totopara: Totopara is 22 kmaway from Madarihat, theentrance of thefamous Jaldapara NationalPark. It is home to the TotoTribe, one of the fewremaining tribes of its kind inthe world. Their customs andculture have invoked greatinterest amongstanthropologists.Lataguri: Lataguri, the sleepyhamlet surrounded by forest,numerous rivers, tea gardensand forest villages attractstourists from all over the worldwith its rapid developinginfrastructure and carefullynurtured natural beauty.Lataguri has come down underlimelight of world of tourism. 9. ADDRESS:AC-5 Roy Garden, Rajarhat, Baguiati,Kolkata-700059, IndiaPHONE NO:+91-983-069-4705 & +91-916-317-1264EMAIL:contact@dooarsecoviillege.comTHANK YOUContact Information