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  • 1. DocumentaryAnalysis By Amy Barry & Kaidee LewisSAS - survival training documentary BBC part part 1. 1.

2. The clip begins with a long shot of a figure stood in adoorway, backlighting is used in this shot to give a silhouette of a soldier. The lighting in the back of this shot is a golden colour; this represents the soldiers being heroic. 3. . A cut is used to change to a different location to show a man in a fullyblack uniform hanging from a building. The uniform in this shot shows they are very secretive. The camera moves down the persons back showing a gun attached to their back, this represents that they aredangerous. 4. This then cuts to a long shot of soldiers doing press ups; they are doingthis outside and in a puddle. The uniforms in this shot show they have a group identity. Also due to them doing the press-ups in the puddle thisappears to the viewer that this is a very hard uncomfortable job. 5. This then cuts to a close up shot of one of the soldiers faces, this makes the audience sympathise with the man onscreen. 6. Another cut is used to show a point of view shot of another soldier throwingbuckets of water over the others, whilst they sleep. This shot has been editedblack and white; this is effective in this shot because this makes the visual image look even colder to the audience. This emphasises how they must be feeling, which portrays how hard the training is by taking out the colouronscreen. 7. This is followed by a high angle shot looking over the two people lay asleep as he continues throwing water. The mise en scene in this shotshows the audience again how hard the training this, as they are lay in a concrete room without beds, this looks very unwelcoming. 8. This cuts to a low angle long shot, showing one of the trainee soldiers being kidnapped in again a concrete room. This shows the extent in which the SAS go to in their training. 9. The use of another cut takes the audience to a medium shot of the kidnapperssmacking a weapon of the table. This immediately warns the audience ofdanger and makes the audience feel threatened this again helps themsympathise with the SAS trainee soldiers as they feel worried for that person. 10. This is followed by a close up shot of somebody looking down, this is usuallyassociated with upset. 11. Another cut is used to show a medium shot of SAS soldiers; this shot is staged andthey are stood holding their weapons. The camera pans around them and a title SASsurvival secrets is edited onto the shot, with flames; this could represent danger andaggression. The colour used on both the flames and the title is blue; this is a very cold colour showing again that is a tough uncomfortable job. This introduces the documentary to the viewer. 12. A cut is used to show a car speeding out of a gate very fast, this is somethingwhich could be seen in a film, and this represents action and adrenaline. As thecar skids in the background the audience can see a man in a suit aiming a gun.This could show the audience that the SAS are involved in looking after royaltyand the country, the suit he is wearing shows professionalism and seriousness.This is a mock up scene of what actions they would take if they needed to. 13. The camera cuts to another shot showing an armed man on a roof looking over the mock up scene. This shows that they surround the area, they have a lot ofmembers involved in this and this shows the audience the extreme lengths theygo to and the fast reaction for when problems occur. 14. Another cut is used to show the audience a close up of a gun firing. This showsagain danger. The camera cuts to a close up of the mans face shooting the gun; this shows his calm expression which shows they are used to doing this. 15. ConclusionWe have analysed the opening sequence to the clip; SAS - survival training documentary BBC part 1. The sequence we have analysedis the first 27 seconds. Throughout the clip the Mise en scene and editing shows the SAS as very dedicated soldiers, who have to gothrough intense training to achieve a position as an SAS soldier. The documentary portrays the SAS in a very positive light.