do you know? i know. what if you dont know? i dontknow if!

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Today I know -> I’m SURE I don’t know -> I’m not sure


Do you know? I know What if you dont know? I dontknow IF! Today I know -> Im SURE I dont know -> Im not sure I KNOW Im sure the cat is fat Lets use it! Are you sure the dog is cute Im sure the dog is cute. I DONT KNOW! Im not sure IF the dog is cute I dont know! Do you think USA is big? Im not sure -if- the USA Is big Where is he?? Do you know where the kid is? Im sure The kid Is behind the tree Is the elephant big? Im sure The elephant is small Is he studying? Im sure he is studying. Is he home? Im not sure if he is home Is Kimchi delicious? Im not sure If Kimchi is delicious. Are dogs cute? Im sure Dogs are cute Will you study Im not sure if Will you eat? What did you say? WHAT? I dont understand! What did you say? Im sorry? Can you say that again, please? English is fun Im sorry teacher, but I didnt hear you. I said, English is fun Teacher, can you say that again please? KARA is better than Big Bang Im sorry, but I didnt hear you. Nicole told me, she is smart! How do you know that? Im sorry, but Big Bang is better than KARA. Im not sure if the dog ate food.