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Craft a Fantastic home decor with Pheasant feathersDecoration is an artistic way to beautify and revamp any place, be it home, office or any social gathering. Among all these, home decoration is a mesmeric art that everyone loves to do. In times past, people always use accessories like flowers, natural plants, paintings and craft items to beautify their home and other places.

Natural feathers are very unique and trendy material to make and design craft products. Feather craft items add a delicate grace to home beauty. Most especially, Pheasant feathers happens to be the beautiful natural feathers that are widely used to make loads of objects starting from home decoration items, costumes, and fashion accessories like wings, masks, centerpieces and many more. These feathers are available in different types, with all having its distinct features to give a natural beautifying feel in decorations.

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Long-tailed/Reeves Pheasant The quills of these birds are extensively used for trading purpose and to make carnival costumes. Besides these, fashion accessories, centerpieces, headpieces and wings made from these quills also look stupendous.Golden PheasantThese birds look very beautiful and are secretive in nature. Their plumes are popularly used for decoration and to make carnival costumes and its associated accessories. Ringneck PheasantThe most common uses of these plumes are in the form of wreaths, fashion accessories, craft and millinery items, and costumes. They are also used for home decoration purpose. Lady Amherst PheasantThe quills of these birds are used for ornamenting dresses, hats and fashion accessories and to make headdresses and centerpieces.Silver pheasantPlumes of these pheasants are widely used to decorate vases, tables and walls, and to make ornaments. Carnival costumes made and designed with all these types of pheasant quills make the carnival celebration more amazing, luxurious and delightful because of their unique look.

Type of Pheasant feathers

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Craft an alluring real- hair with Hackle feathers

Over the time, feathers have marked their significance form when adding style to human entire look and other designing purposes. Colorful feathers make snazzy décor and feathers with natural hue can give stunning look to the user if it’s rightly applied. One of the advantages of using these natural feathers for hair styling is the seamless application and maintenance of the materials.With a bit of creativity, one can come up with trendy appearance without the intervention of any fashion expert. Apart from the natural colors, natural feathers can also be bleached or dyed to any color and still retain its astonishing beauty.Hackle feathers are a type of rooster quills that can be perfectly crafted to make real-hair extension. The feathers are very colorful with a round and pointed shape and are also in short and long sizes to bring out a natural and unique trend in users. It’s a DIY fashionable way to stay in vogue all times.

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Nagorie feathers for an alluring headbands

Versatility of feathers can be seen from its usage for adorning purposes to designing purposes and much more. Like other feathers, Nagorie goose feathers have their own qualities and have become hottest fad for decoration, religious, cultural celebration, festival, fashion, style and many more.

These Feathers can be used in a vast array of projects like Fly Fishing, Fly fishing ties, umbrellas, bouquets, dusters, millinery applications, D.I.Y works, headbands and hair accessories. These feathers also make great accents in Wedding centerpieces, Carnival costumes and fashion accessories and style. Besides headbands and hair accessories, these plumes are used to make soft cushions and pillows.

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Beautiful and attractive headbands are easy to make. Find the few easy-to-use

Steps that one needs to follow below.

• Make a loop of appropriate size using elastic and stick the ends of the elastic with glue in a way to form a circle.• Take a strip of glue and fix it at the back of the pad, right at the center.• Put the circled loop (made with elastic) on the glue strip.• What you need to do next is to take a felt pad, coated with hot glue, and press it securely on the feather piece.• The last step is to beautify the headband with items like buttons, roses, rhinestone, satin ribbon or any other item of your choice.

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