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  • Diversity and inclusion policy

  • diversity and inclusion policy


    Diversity and inclusion policy This Policy is part of the mechanisms em-

    ployed by the firm Carvalho, Machado e Timm Advogados (“CMT”) for the promotion of our values and culture, contributing for the deve- lopment of our professionals and with a posi- tive impact in the localities in which we render services.

    Diversity and inclusion are fundamental topi- cs in our culture and are commitments of CMT with our professionals, fostering a diverse, in-

    clusive, just and meritocratic work environment. We debate, stimulate discussions and act with

    the purpose of developing a work environment with diversity and inclusion, irrespective of co- lor, physical conditions, political views, perspec- tives, opinions, filiations, ethnicity, religion, so- cial origin, gender or sexual orientation.

    As such, we formalize our commitment to promote diversity and inclusion in our work en- vironment in alignment with our culture.

    How does CMT promote diversity and inclusion in its work


    What does CMT consider as a work environment with diversity and


    The smallest and most important minority of all is the individual, and all other minorities deri- ve from it. We strive to provide an environment of personal and professional development of the individual, from student internships, to their en- gagement attorneys and future promotions in their career. For this purpose, no particularity of individuals who act in CMT will ever be an obs- tacle for their development and trajectory in the firm, be it as an employee, intern, associate attor- ney or partner. Accordingly, particularities such as ethnicity, gender, social origin, political ideology, religion or sexual orientation not only are but will always be respected, such as their free expression will continue to be assured. The diverse collecti- vity that derives from these manifestations of in- dividual freedom is extremely valued by us, as it is a fundamental component of an environment of free exchange of ideas, expression of thought and democratic contribution of different points of view that increment our purpose and our mission as legal professionals.

    We believe that a work environment with diversity and inclusion is that which respects the innumerous particularities that make each individual a unique person, different from all others. Therefore, we have always sought, from the establishment of the firm, to pro- mote an environment of respect and valori- zation of the person, guaranteeing their free expression as such. Accordingly, dedication, work and individual merit are always valued, always observed and considered regardless of physical characteristics, gender, ideological, religious or sexual orientation preferences, neither of which is or will be a barrier to the development or personal growth of professio- nals. Respecting individual differences is also benefiting from the innumerous peculiarities that make up each person, providing different points of view and different approaches on each issue, enabling us to provide creative and exponential solutions to our clients’ problems.

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  • diversity and inclusion policy


    How does CMT incentivize the work of female attorneys?

    The firm incentivizes the work of female in- terns, attorneys or administrative clerks with the same respect and value given to people of any gender, ethnicity, religion, ideology or se- xual orientation. In order to foster the develop- ment of our professionals, we have developed mentoring programs, soft skills courses, internal professional development courses, scholarships for external extension programs or postgraduate courses.

    Moreover, we repel and combat any form of prejudice, discrimination or persecution of indi- viduals arising from their particularities and free expression of their preferences and orientations, providing, a channel for the reporting of concer- ns that protects anonymity with the prohibition of retaliations, and that has the purpose of pre- venting or correcting any acts that may offend, disrespect or violate the moral and psychologi- cal integrity of our professionals.

    Our goal is to provide a fair and democratic work environment that allows everyone to de- velop their skills and grow professionally, so that from the conviviality with colleagues, as well as from periodic performance evaluations that ex- plore both positive aspects and those that need development, they may attain better positions within the firm. CMT encourages everyone’s growth, and our ideal is that any of our collea- gues have the opportunity of becoming an asso- ciate or partner once the required technical and professional skills that are developed over time are met.

    At CMT, there are women in leadership po- sitions, there are female partners, and overall, women represent the largest percentage of pro- fessionals. This is due to the competence of our professionals, who have achieved such promi- nent positions. CMT is proud of its professionals.


  • diversity and inclusion policy


    How does CMT scout diverse talents and organizes its work groups?

    We strive to scout talents and build teams free from ideological bias and any biases related to gender, ethnicity, political ideology, religious creed or sexual orientation, as we believe that if these biases and prejudices interfere with the selection of our professionals, not only would freedom and respect for the individual be vio- lated, values that are of paramount importance to us, but the firm could also be deprived of at- tracting and retaining talent, and ultimately our clients would be deprived of excellent legal ser- vices.

    CMT scouts for talent through the usual chan- nels of obtaining curricula, whether through law schools, social networks or peer referrals. The selection of prospective interns or attorneys is based on academic background, work experien- ce and personal interests in specific areas of law that meet our specific requirements and needs at the time. Work teams are formed based on these same specificities in order to align the in- terests of our professionals with the needs of the firm and its clients.


  • diversity and inclusion policy


    What does CMT consider to be important in terms of diversity

    and inclusion? The respect and appreciation of the indivi-

    dual, of their dedication to our mission, which is to offer efficient solutions, with agility, legal quality and in sync with the objectives of our clients. To this end, we value the effort, dedi- cation and merits of all who work with us, re- gardless of gender, ideology, religious creed, physical characteristics or sexual orientation, promoting an environment of free expression and exchange of ideas, developing an organic and sustainable diversity, a diversity of people and of ideas, which we believe to be a great differentiation for us to achieve our mission as a law firm of excellence.


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