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<p>update know how</p> <p>disruption &amp; digital transformation8th, 9th &amp; 10th March 20168th International week</p> <p>digital transformation</p> <p>Digital transformation or disruptionsome casesModelingHow should organizations deal with digital transformation?</p> <p>content</p> <p>a wake up calltrends</p> <p>trends</p> <p>do you remember what happened with these companies?</p> <p>can you give some examples of industries that areout of businessor are threatened by disruptiondigital transformation</p> <p>The Great Wave off Kanagawa, Katsushika Hokusai</p> <p>The Great Wave off Kanagawa, by Katsushika Hokusaiis one of the best recognized works of Japanese art in the world It depicts an enormous wave threatening boats off the coast of the prefecture of Kanagawa4</p> <p>trends</p> <p>photography</p> <p>trends</p> <p>music</p> <p>trends</p> <p>film</p> <p>trends</p> <p>newspapers</p> <p>trends</p> <p>bookshops</p> <p>trends</p> <p>bank loan</p> <p>trends</p> <p>shopping</p> <p>trends</p> <p>grocery</p> <p>trendsgeneration Znew customer</p> <p>trends</p> <p>buying lens</p> <p>trends</p> <p>travel</p> <p>trends</p> <p>paying cash</p> <p>trends</p> <p>car</p> <p>trends</p> <p>taxi</p> <p>trends</p> <p>Alibaba story</p> <p>trends95 years685,000 rooms92 countries$ 24 billion6 years1 000 000 accomodations190 countries$ 13 billionhilton GroupAirBNB</p> <p>trends</p> <p>energy</p> <p>trendsDo you recognize this building?Chrysler Building, Manhattan, NYrepresents power car companiesoil industryarchetype old business</p> <p>trendsand this building?headquarters Apple, Cupertinoarchetype new business</p> <p>trendsand this one?new headquarters Amazon, Seattlethese are the new power basesanother example</p> <p>trendsWhats the next business that will be disruptive according to you? .group discussion</p> <p>digital disruptiondrivers</p> <p>driversWhat are the underlying causes for thisdisruption?</p> <p>group discussion</p> <p>internet, social media, new technologies, P2P platforms, peer reviewen, 27</p> <p>driverswaves of digital disruptionsource: digital transformation, Jo Coudron</p> <p>drivers</p> <p>building blocks</p> <p>drivers</p> <p>the speed of changesource: digital transformation, Jo Coudron</p> <p>4) instant reactie, kan wereldwijd snel 30</p> <p>web 4.0</p> <p>driversbron: Patrick Petersen: online mkt</p> <p>driverstechnological innovationsocial networksuser friendly appsmobile devicesonline review systems</p> <p>DRIVERS of Transformation (DOTs)</p> <p>32</p> <p>driverscost consciousnessdue to financial crisisworld wide economic slow down</p> <p>DRIVERS</p> <p>33</p> <p>driversvalue shiftyounger generations think different about conceptaccess &gt; possession (status) *1 lawn mower for neighborhoodsharing economy</p> <p>DRIVERS</p> <p>it is not necessary to own a car, if you can use it, why not?34</p> <p>drivers</p> <p>sharing economy</p> <p>driversgrowing concern about the climatedrivers</p> <p>driversprofit drivenIP protectedcentral managementco-modification</p> <p>impact-drivenopen access, collaborationcollective managementco-notification </p> <p>oLD waynew way</p> <p>drivers a disruption to not only certain sectors in the market economy, but to the market economy as central spine of the worlds socio-economic system</p> <p>scenario </p> <p>dutch professor in transition economy38</p> <p>driversthis is not an era of change, but a change of era (Rotmans, 2014)paradigm shift</p> <p>dutch professor in transition economy39</p> <p>drivers</p> <p>driversbefore: monolithic modelstop down logiconly a few people had access to all the informationinformation was controlled &amp; filterednow: internet &amp; social media2 way communication customer &amp; stakeholdersconversation managementmetaphor of transparency</p> <p>driverstraditional business combination of different products &amp; servicestraditional newspaperbundle of informationsmall pricedigital newspapersame offer, but now on pc, tablet, smartphonecopy, pastebut each atomic part has new competitorsmetaphor of monolithic vs. atomic organisations</p> <p>driversbreaking newsin-depth analysistrends &amp; lifestyleweatherjobssportsetc.what is the alternative for</p> <p>driversAPPificationsmall companiesthey do only 1 thing/appon a global scale(almost) for fee</p> <p>impact smartphone</p> <p>driverstraditional shopmore space for productspopularprofitable </p> <p>long tailweb shopif it exists, you can buy iteven small group customersbut worldwide = profitable</p> <p>driverssmartphone + appanything is on the tip of your fingersswipeclickexampleUber</p> <p>instant gratification</p> <p>driversonline bankingonline tax formonline hotel bookingonline shoppingself-service</p> <p>driversAWS = amazon web servicePinterest, air BnB, Spotifycloud-computing</p> <p>driversbefore: expertsnow all the intelligence is in your pocketmetaphor gatekeeper</p> <p>49</p> <p>driversopinionfilm recension?friends on FBIDMB</p> <p>What do you prefer?</p> <p>driversarticle in magazine about a city trip?sponsored?opinion friends FacebookTripAdvisorBlog *what do you prefer?</p> <p>let us not be naive, they get sponsored as well51</p> <p>drivers the network wins</p> <p>https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zntukv0MvpI </p> <p>driversfear off the networkno wifiat ease whenfull batteryfive bars constantly sharingwe feed the networkgen Z = extremely connected</p> <p>drivers</p> <p>crossmedia</p> <p>drivers</p> <p>driversdigital videobron: Patrick Petersen: online mkt</p> <p>driversapps location basedweather appstraffic appsrestaurant appstinder.the future is mobile</p> <p>drivers</p> <p>facebook focus on mobile</p> <p>drivers</p> <p>waiting for a job interview</p> <p>drivers</p> <p>in a (boring) meeting</p> <p>drivers</p> <p>nice &amp; cozy at home</p> <p>drivers</p> <p>together in a restaurant</p> <p>drivers</p> <p>concept : VUCA </p> <p>source: Peter Hinssen</p> <p>drivers </p> <p>https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7OvL0-36ucc </p> <p>driversgamificationinternet of thingswearables3D printingquantified selfroboticsdronesbig datamonitoringmore stuff to come</p> <p>drivers</p> <p>3D revolution</p> <p>drivers</p> <p>drivers</p> <p>driversexample Manhattan, NYbig data</p> <p>drivers</p> <p>drivers</p> <p>drivers</p> <p>https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b9nDPWaOK4g </p> <p>digital disruptionBusiness models</p> <p>business modelsshare economyconcept p2P economy</p> <p>https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CPvbIoqWQkY&amp;list=PLtSMh3a6aOtcgfrApsFDlqBwqyPBdrEgg Thomas Rooselaer74</p> <p>business models</p> <p>so you can bypass an entire businessdefinition</p> <p>business modelscentralizedclient server modelonly 1 nodeyou always need to passthe centerdecentralizedyou can bypass the centerseveral nodesdistributedno nodes anymore</p> <p>Question: can you applythis model to business models?</p> <p>network terminology </p> <p>business modelscentralizedMc Donalds decidesBpostdecentralizedSapa = aluminum companyColruyt groupdreambabydistributed (P2P)WikipediaWikispeed *AirBnBTapazz (car rental)</p> <p>business terminology</p> <p>peer = equal, same levelwikispeed: people create a new car77</p> <p>business modelsreality = hybrid modelsP2PcentralizedAirBNBtakes a percentageUberdecides price strategyreality = hybrid model</p> <p>business modelsflagshipsGoogleFacebookTwitterInstagram</p> <p>where do they get the money?advertisingfree model</p> <p>business models</p> <p>business model canvas google</p> <p>business models</p> <p>business modelswhat is the concept of this modelfreepremiumexamples?..freemium model</p> <p>business models</p> <p>business modelsMusicyou dont buy CDsyou rent streamingmusicSpotifyApple musicDeezervideosnetflixdatadrop boxsoftwareoffice 365</p> <p>membership model</p> <p>business models</p> <p>business models</p> <p>business modelssocial sellingaffiliate marketingbloggersaffiliate marketing</p> <p>business modelsconcept shared ledgervirtual decentralizedbookkeeping systemexamplesbitcoin but in the near futuremortgagespassportsgun licenses</p> <p>block chain</p> <p>digital disruptionhow to respond?</p> <p>how to deal with it?</p> <p>source: Digital transformation, Jo Coudron (book, you tube)</p> <p>how to deal with it?digital disruption is realexpect a smack in the facea smack in the face</p> <p>how to deal with it?who is going to be youruberairbnbNetflixzalandotesla</p> <p>a smack in the face</p> <p>how to deal with it?</p> <p>create your own digital transformation vision </p> <p>https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8wGq0e_n3n4 source: digital transformation, Jo Coudron</p> <p>how to deal with it?</p> <p>create digital leadership</p> <p>source: digital transformation, Jo Coudron</p> <p>how to deal with it?score your leadership team on active usage and or understanding of new technologiesif the majority of leadership is out,the company is out .leadership assessmentCEOsalesmktHRFinprod.R&amp;D.FacebookxxtwitterxxLinkedInxxxxxyou tubexxxsnap chatxInstagramx</p> <p>you can also apply this to your universitysource: digital transformation, Jo Coudron</p> <p>how to deal with it?</p> <p>transform organization philosophy</p> <p>source: digital transformation, Jo Coudron</p> <p>how to deal with it?</p> <p>how to deal with it?</p> <p>change of culture</p> <p>source: digital transformation, Jo Coudron</p> <p>how to deal with it?</p> <p>how to deal with it?rather than thinking about sharing markets, we need to think about creating markets! </p> <p>sharing or creating?</p> <p>how to deal with it?traditional structures proceduresrulesbudgetsspeed?slowgoalkeep business goingclassic innovation</p> <p>how to deal with it?project teamssmalldedicatedspeed?agilityflexibilitythink out of the boxcan even be threat traditional activitiespossible cannibalizationexampleGoogle</p> <p>new innovation</p> <p>how to deal with it?</p> <p>how to deal with it?example : Microsoft employeescompany: between 10h - 14h and at home (skype business + office 365 +)new world of work</p> <p>how to deal with it?</p> <p>build the transformation fleet</p> <p>how to deal with it?study with humansmax. of about 150 peopleif more peoplemore structuresmore rules (laws)more toolsmore processes</p> <p>Robin Dunbar study</p> <p>how to deal with it?</p> <p>make an educated guess.Darwin</p> <p>how to deal with it?the customer always decidesall things you do must start from a superior experiencefrom now on, you are an agile &amp; flexible companyyou live in a world of constant uncertainty, deal with italways play on the offense instead of the defensedont be afraid to cannibalize your own businessnever, ever, disrespect new or small playerschange the culture</p> <p>how to deal with it?how can we explain the success of Uber?the customer always decides</p> <p>how to deal with it?</p> <p>all things you do must start from a superior experience</p> <p>how to deal with it?customer centricfrom now on, you are an agile &amp; flexible company</p> <p>how to deal with it?only certainty =.you live in a world of constant uncertainty</p> <p>you have no certainties112</p> <p>how to deal with it?</p> <p>always play on the offense instead of the defense</p> <p>how to deal with it?</p> <p>never ever disrespect new or small players</p> <p>in 2006 many people were laughing when Twitter was launched.. did they know?114</p> <p>how to deal with it?</p> <p>balance</p> <p>source: digital transformation, Jo Coudron</p> <p>how to deal with it?</p> <p>take home message</p> <p>source: digital transformation, Jo Coudron</p> <p>questions?</p> <p>thank you for listening</p>