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  • Discover an exceptionally rare 50-year-old single malt with Bowmore 1966.

    A one-of-a-kind whisky created in 1966.

    Only 74 bottles will be available in selected markets from december 2017.


  • Bowmore 1966 celebrates a unique yearDistilled in the same year that Bowmore Islay Single Malt was officially first bottled. The cask laid down in 1966 was kept aside as a cask gem and nurtured over the years by legendary Distillery Manager, Eddie MacAffer who joined Bowmore distillery that very same year. 1966 was uniquely personal to Eddie as he joined Bowmore distillery that year, only retiring in 2016 after 50 years of dedicated craftsmanship.

    A remarkably rare limited edition bottlingBowmore 1966 has been matured for over 50-year, unlocking the exotic fruit tastes distinctive of 1960s Bowmore whiskies that have been savoured by connoisseurs worldwide and are renowned in some of the most collectible Bowmore expressions. Perfectly balanced with silky whisper of smooth syrup. Presented in a handmade crystal decanter boasting sterling silver adornments and is housed in a hand crafted cabinet made from quality Scottish oak.

    Product information:Limited edition: 74 bottles available in selected markets. Distilled in 1966 and bottled by hand from cask no. 5675.

    RRP: 20,000; 21,000; $25,500

    Product specifications

    Product: Bowmore 1966

    Size: 700ml / 750ml (US)

    Abv: 41.5%

    Bottles per case: 1

    Case dimentions (mm): 240/ 260/ 440

    Case weight (kg): 14.6

    ean/upc: 5010496004760 859141004435 (US)

    itf/scc: 15010496105150 15010496105167 (US)

    Tasting Notes

    Bowmore 1966 Ex-bourbon hogshead

    Eye Golden Amber

    Nose Floral with hints of lychee, pineapple, watermelon

    Taste Tropical fruits & smooth syrup

    Finish A short & dry finish with hints of candied fruit


    Bowmore 1966 is from the home of the No.1 VAULTS, the Worlds oldest

    Scotch maturation warehouse. A whisky from a golden year in Bowmores heritage, Bowmore 1966 has matured for 50 years to create

    a refined and rare whisky.