dirty little roommates

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Dirty Little Roommates By:SKYLER LODER & brittany kinder.

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Dirty Little Roommates. By: SKYLER LODER & brittany kinder. The Predicament. Our roommate’s lack of commitment to the promise we made to keep the house clean. . The Underlying Problem. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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Dirty Little Roommates

By:SKYLER LODER & brittany kinder.

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The Predicament

• Our roommate’s lack of commitment to the promise we made to keep the house clean.

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The Underlying Problem

• How do you avoid conflict in this situation or everyday situations with others you desire to maintain friendships with?

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Plan of Attack• As roommates, we need to decide how we want to

approach the others about the impending issue.

• Aggressive

• Passive

• Passive-Aggressive

• Assertive

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• Very radical way to express emotions.

• Often the least productive option to resolve a disagreement.

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• Not willing to fight for what one wants.

• Can be seen as being flaky or a pushover.

• Ineffective.

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• Being nonchalant about an issue that bothers you, and expressing your emotions in annoying ways.

• Don’t be Passive Aggressive

• http://www.comedycentral.com/videos/index.jhtml?videoId=222474&title=games-passive-aggressive-race&xrs=share_copy

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• Overall best method of communication.

• Typically expresses all emotions and resolves issue at the same time.

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• Once the problem has been assessed, the outcome is determined.

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• One sided victory.

• Most common outcome of a conflict.

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• Outcome is favorable for both parties.

• Jiff commercial.

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• Outcome is dissatisfactory for both parties.

• No one wins in a headbutt.