directions to set up google drive (google classroom ... to set up google drive (google classroom...

Download Directions to Set Up Google Drive (Google Classroom ...  to Set Up Google Drive (Google Classroom Version) Computational Media ... SketchUp Projects ... in the proper folder

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  • Directions to Set Up Google Drive (Google Classroom Version)Computational Media


    1. Make sure you have registered with the Computational Media Google Classroom site as directed by your teacher.

    2. Open Chrome and go to

    3. Click on 'Go to Google Drive' if needed.

    4. If needed, log in with your Marist School account.

    5. You should see your Computational Media folder created by Google Classroom:

    6. Double click the Computational Media Folder to enter.

  • 7. Click New and then select Folder

    8. Name the new folder Photoshop Images and click Create.

  • 9. Create the following folders in your Computational Media directory:a. App Studiob. EarSketch Projectsc. Photoshop Images (you already created this folder in step 8)d. Processing Projectse. SketchUp Projects

    10. We now need to make sure these folders are visible on your Laptop. Touch the Windows Key and type Google Drive. Select the Google Drive Desktop App.

    NOTE: If you do not see Google Drive, you will need to go to and download / install Google Drive.

  • 11. Sign in your with Marist Google Account, you then should see the Google Drive folder via the FileExplorer App.

    12. If you see all of your folders then you are good! You will need to save all the work for this class inin the proper folder. Please see Mr. Michaud in tutorial if you have any questions!