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Jane McConnell


  • 1. The Digital Workplace in the Connected OrganizationHighlights in 20 Minutes Enterprise 2.0 Summit in Paris February

2. The Digital Workplace in the Connected Organization Data and analysis from 314 organizations around the world. Digital Workplace Scorecards: industries and industry leaders Early Adopters and the Majority: how and what 8th annual report by Jane McConnell 3. Author: Jane McConnell Strategic Advisor 16 years > 100 projects for > 60 large, global organizations, management briefer and workshop leaderResearcher conducting global surveys and writing annual reports since 2006American-French living in the deep Provence for 25 years3 4. 4 5. 5 6. Digital Workplace Advisory Board for 2014 Bjoern Negelmann, European Enterprise 2.0 (Germany)Brian Holness International Power GDF SUEZ (UK)Cline Schillinger, SANOFI PASTEUR (France)Cornelis van der Brugge, NOKIA (Finland)Ernst Dcsey, UNICEF (Switzerland)Franklin Bradley, Architect of the Capitol (US)Gloria Burke, UNISYS (US)Jon Husband, Wirearchy (Canada)Linda Tinnert, IKEA (Sweden)Martin Risgaard, Grundfos (Denmark)Rawn Shah, (US)Sam Marshall, ClearBox Consulting Ltd. (UK)Stphane Aknin, AXA, (France)Susan Scrupski, Change Agents Worldwide LLC. (US)Thomas Maeder, Swisscom AG (Switzerland) 6 7. The digital workplace lives at the intersection of people, organization and tools. 8. CAPABILITIESENABLERS 9. MINDSET9 10. 10 11. Early Adopters (blue markers, n=67) compared to the Majority (black markers, n=247)90 Level 5 Embedded 72 Level 4 Operational 54 Level 3 Organized 36Structure ReachLevel 2 Beginning 18BusinessCulture AssetIndividualLevel 1 Ad hocEnterprise 0 0CapabilitiesLeadershipProcess20Enablers4060MindsetMajority. n=24711 12. Maturity by Industry Professional Services Tech, Media, Telecom Financial Services Manufacturing Humanitarian, Charity11%6%21%50%24%48%4% 9%6%Level 55. Embedded, proactive38%58%7%Govt, Public Services 3%30%52%16%Education21%57%3%7%Energy, Resources18%26%52%41%50%44%41%Level 456%Level 34. Operational, sustainableLevel 2Level 1 13. 13 14. The two strategic drivers for the digital workplace: Increasing organizational intelligence Gaining efficiency and cost-savings The first is number one for Early Adopters; the second is number one for the Majority.14 15. CUSTOMER FOCUS46 % of Early Adopters report that operational managers have active use of the digital workplace for their jobs. (Majority =10%) Customer or service delivery tools are part of the digital workplace for 57 % of Early Adopters. (Majority = 19 %)15 16. How easy is it for customer-facing people to find the information they need, provide rapid service, collaborate with their customers and colleagues and in general have a smooth and efficient work experience?9 out of 314 very easy and 97 relatively easy16 17. 90Scorecard for the 97 that responded relatively easy Level 5 Embedded(gray ticks = Early adopters)72 Level 4 Operational 54 Level 3 OrganizedStructure 36BusinessReachCulture AssetIndividualLevel 2 BeginningEnterprise ProcessLeadership18 Level 1 Ad hoc 0 0Capabilities20Enablers4060MindsetCustomer-facing n=97 'relatively easy'17 18. 90Scorecard for the 9 that responded very easy (gray ticks = Early adopters)Level 5 Embedded 72 Level 4 OperationalBusiness Enterprise54ReachCultureIndividual StructureLevel 3 OrganizedAssetLeadershipProcess 36Level 2 Beginning 18 Level 1 Ad hoc 0 0Capabilities20Enablers4060MindsetCustomer-facing n=9 'very easy'18 19. HUMANIZING THE ENTERPRISE Empowering people through enabling individual expression. Mobile services for the workforce19 20. 20 21. Mobile is slow%21 22. Mobile Services Will Reach 30 - 40% by Late 201422 23. NEW ORGANIZATIONAL DESIGN23 24. 24 25. MINDSET IMPACTKey to transformation: top management and operational management are twice as involved in strategic decision-making in Early Adopters.25 26. 26 27. Early Adopters in blue, Majority in grayQuestion inspired by Culture Assessment tool presented by Sandy Carter, VP Social Business Sales & Evangelism, IBM, at Enterprise 2.0 Summit in Paris March 2013.Question inspired by Culture Assessment tool presented by Sandy Carter, VP Social Business Sales & Evangelism, IBM, at Enterprise 2.0 Summit in Paris March 2013.27 28. THE FUTURE WORKPLACE28 29. Toughest Challenges Manageable for Early Adopters, Holds us back for the Majority29 30. Main Concerns Are Considered Manageable by Everyone30 31. Change Drivers: Behavior of Others + 14 % from previous year+ 17 % from previous year31 32. Success Factors: Be Real Get an overall view of your digital workplace: now and in the future Get key players in the room together. Define vision and strategic principles. Agree on implications of the principles. Build "persona" based on "how do you work" and not "what do you need from the digital workplace. Be alert to process dysfunctions. Use them as opportunities to rethink how people work. Do not fall into the ROI game. Focus on examples, external or internal, that illustrate business value. Work out loud! Especially YOU the project team!32 33. Jane McConnell Twitter: @netjmc Charter member of Change Agents Worldwide ( Facilitator for IntraNetwork work group of digital practitioners, Paris-based (