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  • 1. Introduction toDigitalPhotographyComposition Part I B

2. CompositionPhotographiccomposition isan expressionof your naturalsense ofdesign. 3. Line 4. Your eyes follow the lines Ansel Adams Andre Kertesz 5. Your eyesfollowthe linesGt. Smoky Mountains 6. Your eyes follow the lines into the photograph 7. Your eyes followthe linesout of the picture.Not goodcomposition 8. Allow space to move into 9. Curvesaregraceful Brassai 10. LinesDiagonal linesadd interest 11. DiagonalLines 12. Which is the better composition? * 13. DiagonalLines 14. Lines- path for the eye to follow to the main subjectBlueberry Blossoms 15. LinesFollow thediagonal lineto the subjectSpring fig leaves 16. Diagonal Lines 17. Diagonal linesA focal point at theend of a ally wayadds interest. 18. LinesPantheon, Rome 19. Linesrepetitive lines to draw viewers attention 20. LinesLondon 21. Lines Curved line moves the eyethrough the photograph 22. Lines Lines can simplyadd interest andtexture to aphotograph. 23. Lines- triangle adds strongvisual unity to thispicture 24. LinesTriangleadds strong visualunity. 25. Continue to Composition Part IIC 2012 Julie Sikes-Speir