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Be Digital Version 3, November 13 by Calum Shepherd Calum Shepherd Search & Social Media Manager @calumshepherd @VisitScotland Where possible all images, videos and original sources have been credited to their authors Be Digital THE ACTION PLAN FOR TOURISM IN THE SCOTTISH BORDERS Social Proof Marketing is the process of communicating the value of a product or service to customers. Clever marketing is getting other people to do it for you. Inbound Marketing Source; The Drum (Magazine) Get Found Source The Importance of Google+ Create a Personal Profile Use Google Authorship Create a Google+ Local page Create a Google+ page Think about Events / Hangouts 2. Pick Your Social Battles Small Businesses / events cant do everything Primary channels for your business or event may vary Do some things and do them well 3. Be a Content Creator Offer something valuable Make your website your content hub Point social links to your site when sharing new content Share high quality visuals and videos Blog and blog some more 4. Make it easy Link to your social profiles from your site Make your website the hub for your content, feature feeds and aggregated discussion Simple and clear social sharing functionality Include web / social in print material gain approval! 5. Future proof with mobile Research your audience & mobile / non-mobile split Your website will be viewed on a multitude of devices Some social is now mobile first e.g. Vine Engage & Nurture 1. Getting involved with News Jacking Topical discussion that you can use to your advantage Get creative with visuals or just get involved in the chat TV Shows and movies a great starting point National and regional news likely one to avoid (see below!) 2. The Content you Share Topical, fresh, digestible & interesting Visuals & videos are great! Ask people questions Create polls or vote mechanics Make things fun Give them a reason to engage! Emotional content. Source Content Others Share Feature the content of others and thank where possible (Egobait) Feature attendees content / people with good reach Share quotes from people Allow fans to make decisions, e.g. header images Offer rewards and competitions Fill in the blanks / caption competitions / ask questions Curate some of the best commentary (Storify) > Blog) Also, if you are event; Promote hashtags Aggregate commentary and coverage (Tweetwalls!) Make people jealous through the content others are sharing V.S 4. Identify & organise your influencers Look for people to follow who are active in your area Comment on the content they share Look for questions using hashtags / keyword searches (Twitter) Make use of platform specific features (Communities on G+) Create Circles on G+ and lists on Twitter (use TweetDeck!) Convert 1. Gain their trust / help feel comfortable! Content people liked (Facebook Plugin) Be clear about payment methods and use logos Certified? Let your customers / attendees know! Quotes from customers Partners with a well known brand? Get it out there! Case Studies! 2. Understanding their Journey First click / Last Click / Assisted Conversions All channels play a role in the path to conversion 3. Optimise Forms Length of forms Ease of completion Calls to action helping people to progress Multi-step process Source; 4. General CTA improvement In line with key objectives Sign post important pages throughout your site Keep consistent colouring & look / feel Measure Create a framework (as simple as text doc) & measure Plan for next time by capturing your learnings Keep talking, keep asking questions and keep improving Use tools like Google Analytics, FB Insights and Twitter Analytics 6. Thank You Pages Share out to social Link to related content / value adds Sign up for your newsletter? Thanks for Listening. @CalumShepherd