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Digital Life at Mercedes-Benz Financial Services. Rene Gerstenlauer from Daimler , presented this deck at iMedia Brand Summits, Asia. #imbsummit


  • 1. DigitalLife @ Mercedes-Benz Financial Services Region: Africa-Asia Pacific Rene Gerstenlauer, April 9th 2014

2. 2 Daimler Financial Services AG A subsidiary of Daimler AG Mercedes-Benz Vans Daimler Buses Daimler Financial Services Mercedes-Benz Cars Daimler Trucks 3. 3 Our business model 4. 4 Americas: 34.1 billion Europe: 34.5 billion Africa & Asia-Pacific: 11.3 billion Argentina Brazil Canada Mexico USA Australia China Hong Kong India Japan New Zealand Singapore South Africa South Korea Taiwan Thailand Portugal Romania Russia Slovakia Slovenia Sweden Switzerland Spain Turkey Poland United Kingdom NetherlandsAustria Belgium Croatia Czech Republic Denmark Greece Hungary Italy Luxembourg Germany France Close to customers worldwide presence in 40 markets Portfolio by region [in bn] Malaysia On average, Daimler Financial Services finances or leases 4 out of 10 Daimler vehicles worldwide. DFS headquarters are in Stuttgart and has more than 7,000 employs around the world. 5. 5 Relevance of digital for the group (simplified): Our Customers are highly educated about the car purchase prior their dealership visit. BEFORE TODAY Research/Visit/Purchase at dealership Online Research Online Purchase/ Purchase at dealership Potential customers Final Car Purchase Final Car PurchasePotential customers 6. QR Code video 7. iShowroom video 8. COS Video 9. myMBFS iOS myMBFS Android eMB Desktop eMB Mobisite COS Phase 1 is live across the region, now we need to enhance its functionalities and make COS available on all other existing platforms 10. The myMBFS App is live with core functionalities on the 2 most prominent Operating Systems Android & iOS *Over 80.000 Downloads YTD since launch in 2013 11. From coolness to business video