Digital Libraries Digital Humanities: Current and Emerging Roles for Librarians

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  • 1. DIGITAL LIBRARIES,DIGITAL HUMANITIES Current and emerging roles for librarians Kent Gerber Digital Library Manager Bethel University April 2011
  • 2. Digital Libraries - Varied definitionsComputer Science -- only a collection of items
  • 3. Digital Libraries - Varied definitionsLibrary Science -- organization of services AND collections
  • 4. Digital Library TypesFocal Point:DisciplineAudienceInstitutionGeographicBroad Interdisciplinary
  • 5. Digital Library TypesClassics (Discipline)
  • 6. Digital Library TypesChildren (Audience)
  • 7. Digital Library TypesBethelUniversity(Institution)
  • 8. Digital Library TypesMinnesota Digital Library (Geographic)
  • 9. Digital Library TypesAmerican Memory Library of Congress (Geographic)
  • 10. Digital Library TypesHathi Trust (Broad Interdisciplinary)
  • 11. Digital HumanitiesDigital History - Center for History and New Media
  • 12. Digital Humanities
  • 13. Digital HumanitiesMaryland Institute for Technology in the Humanities
  • 14. Digital HumanitiesUniversity of Virginia Scholars Lab
  • 15. Digital Libraries + Digital HumanitiesFrom Bruce Cole in First Monday article, "The Humanities inthe Digital Age" on the launch of the Digital HumanitiesInitiative in 2006:The National Endowment for the Humanities and IMLS arecurrently partners on two of our key digital humanities grantprograms, Digital Humanities Startup Grants andAdvancing Knowledge. These would not have been possiblewithout the help of the IMLS. Both of these programsencourage collaboration among librarians, museum officials,archivists, and scholars. And both the NEH and IMLSbenefit, because we are able to reach new constituents andinspire important projects.
  • 16. Digital Libraries + Digital Humanities
  • 17. Digital Libraries + Digital Humanities
  • 18. Job MarketRecent Postings1. Digital Collections Initiative Mgr, The Henry Ford Museum2. Archivist for Digital Dvt & Uni Records, Ball State University3. Assistant Director, Visual Resources Collection, University ofVirginia4. Digital Repository Manager: The Brown University Library5. Web and Digital Projects Developer (Analyst, IT) at DukeUniversity Libraries April 13th, 2011
  • 19. Job Market - SourcesListservsCode4Lib, LITA-L, Web4Lib, Madslisjobs, MCN-LDigital-ScholarshipDigital Library jobs archive: Library IT jobs archive:
  • 20. Grant (Great) EnvironmentNEH Humanities Collections and Reference ResourcesGrants AvailableTuesday, April 12th, 2011The National Endowment for the Humanities hasannounced the availability of Humanities Collections andReference Resources grants. The maximum award is$350,000 (up to three years). The deadline is July 20, 2011.Heres an excerpt from the announcement: The HumanitiesCollections and Reference Resources program supportsprojects that provide an essential foundation for scholarship,education, [...]
  • 21. DemosBethel and Peace in Project Gutenberg of a search for a name in Perseus:,benjamin&query=Perseus:text:2001.05.0158
  • 22. Choose a Library to Evaluate
  • 23. Necessary Skills and ExperienceTwo studies of large sets of job postings1. College and Research Libraries News job postings1999-20072. Listservs - boai forum, dcc-associates, digital-preservation-JISC, American Scientist Forum
  • 24. Necessary Skills and ExperienceRequired skills: Personal Traits:1. Imaging technologies 1. Quick and Constant learner2. Optical Character 2. FlexibleRecognition 3. Innately skeptical3. Mark-up languages 4. Risk-taker4. Cataloging and Metadata 5. Public service perspective5. Indexing and Databases 6. Good interpersonal skills6. User interface design 7. Change management skills7. Programming 8. Can work independently and8. Web technology likes it9. Project Management
  • 25. Necessary Skills and Experience Good knowledge of Cultural and Heritage Informatics and Digital Humanities
  • 26. Digital Librarians ToolkitMetadata and Cataloging
  • 27. Digital Librarians ToolkitXML
  • 28. Digital Librarians ToolkitDigital Imaging and PhotographyScannersDigital CamerasColor ManagementLightingStandard Formats
  • 29. Digital Librarians ToolkitWeb Programming LanguagesPHPPythonRubyPerlJavascript
  • 30. Digital Librarians ToolkitRepository Collections Software Libraries Archives MusuemsCONTENTdm Archon PastPerfectDspace Archivists Toolkit CONTENTdmFedora/Islandora CONTENTdm Collective AccessDigital Commons CollectiveAccess OmekaOmeka Omeka
  • 31. Thank you!Any Questions?Kent GerberDigital Library ManagerBethel