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Workshop in Provence, France 2008 with Massimo Vignelli, Armando Milani and Roger Remington


  • Dialogues in Design on the French RivieraMaster Workshop for Graphic Designers

    Massimo VignelliArmando Milani

    15 June 2008 to 21 June 2008

  • 2Introduction

    Dialogues in Design was an intensive one-week studio experience in graphic design, working with two master designers. International in scope, the workshop was conducted between 15 June and 21 June, 2008.

    The purpose of this book is to document the events of the workshop for the participants and others who may be interested in attending in the future.

  • 3Sunday 15 June7:45 pm Pick up at Hotel8:00 pm -10:30 pm Provencal welcome barbeque at Moulin des Trois Arcs

    Monday 16 June9:00 am Pick up at hotel9:15 am Coffee and croissants at Moulin des Trois Arcs9:30 am Introductions Instructors, participants, and program1:00 pm - 2.00 pm Lunch at the Moulin Introductions Instructors, participants, and programTour of Maeght Foundation and St. Paul-de-VenceDialogue #1: Is there a Process for Creativity? Workshop expectations Cynthia MilaniMassimo Vignelli introduction to project6:00 pm Return to HotelEvening Free

    Dialogues in DesignWorkshop Schedule

    Tuesday 17 June9:00 am Pick up at hotel9:15 am Coffee and croissants at Moulin des Trois Arcs9:30 am Work on project1:00 pm 2:00 pm Lunch at the Moulin2:00 pm Work on project6:00 pm Return to HotelSoccer night and picnic dinner at the Moulin

    Wednesday 18 June9:00 am Pick up at hotel9:15 amCoffee and croissants at Moulin des Trois Arcs9:30 amDialogue #2: My Life in Design Armando Milani11:00 am Work on project1:30 pmLunch at the Moulin3:00 pm Work on project6:00 pm Moules / frites dinner in Antibes

    Thursday 19 June9:00 am Pick up at hotel9:15 am Coffee and croissants at Moulin des Trois Arcs9:30 amDialogue #3: Vignelli Design: A Retrospect Lella Vignelli / Work on project1:00 pm to 2:00 pm / Lunch at the Moulin2:00 pm / Work on project6:00 pm Dialogue #4: My Life in Design/ M. Vignelli8:00 pm Dinner at Clos des Pins / Roquefort-les-PinsDinner Dialogue with the Chef: Creativity and Cooking - What it takes to be a Master Chef

    Friday 20 June9:00 am Pick up at hotel9:15 am Coffee and croissants at Moulin des Trois Arcs9:30 am / Work on project11:30 amMarket day and lunch in a medioeval village1:00 pm / Work on project6:00 pm Dialogue #5 The Trials and Tribulations of Being a Master Designer / Cynthia Milani 6:30 pm Individual presentations by participantsDialogue #6Critique and comment by Vignelli and MilaniDinner / Viewing of Helvetica film

    Saturday 21 June9:00 am Pick up at hotel9:15 am Coffee and croissants at Moulin des Trois Arcs9:30 am Dialogue #7: How to Illicit Visual Rhetoric Professor R. Roger Remington Dialogue #8: Cross-cultural Solutions to Corporate Branding and How to Create Your Own BrandCynthia Milani1:30 pm American barbeque at Moulin des Trois Arcs2:30 pmMaster Designer Workshop Awards Ceremony3:00 pm Tour Grasse and NiceEvening in Nice

    Sunday 22 JuneAu revoir

  • 4Roger Remingtons ex Schedule

    Dialogues in Design was a dynamic experience as evidenced by these schedule sheets which were dutifully carried in Roger Remingtons pocket throughout the workshop. The interaction between the demands of the master designers, Massimo Vignelli and Armando Milani with Roger Remington and Cynthia Milani, who worked as facilitators, was often a vigorous process as the days progressed. The goal was to create effective solutions to the graphic design project as well as to enjoy the beauty of Provence.

  • 5The workshop was conducted in a beautiful setting, the studio of Italian designer Armando Milani in Le Rouret, near Nice on the French Riviera. The area, Provence/Cte dAzur, is nestled between the sea and the mountains, and is known the world over for its natural beauty. Located in the heart of this gentle and lush vegetation, is Milanis home and studio, Les Moulin des Trois Arcs which was a former olive mill from the 1500s.Participants were able to reflect and exchange ideas with two master designers in a truly unique location where nature and the ancient architecture combine to produce a stimulating learning environment. Visits to neighboring Provencal villages, museums, cultural highlights and fishing ports were a popular part of the workshop.

    SettingsWorkshop SettingThe Moulin

  • 6Armando and Cynthia Milani, as part of their development of the Moulin des Trois Arcs, created a unique home in the old olive mill and, in an adjacent building, a modern design studio where the workshop was conducted. The facility served the work-shop very well for individual work space, wireless internet connection, library and lecture/projection use.

    SettingsWorkshop settingsThe Studio

  • 7Massimo VignelliMaster designer showcase

    Above left: Museum of Fine Arts Houston, Texas.The name of the Museum, spelled out with monumental letters in pre-cast concrete applied to the facade of the building, 1999.Above right: The Donors Wall dominates the Museum Atriumwith its monumental scale, 1999.To the right: Trademark for ABDIiBRAHIM, Istanbul 2006. Trademark for OPS, Off Shore Atomic Power Plants, USA,1972.Right page: Diagram of the New York Subway System, 2008.

  • 8Massimo VignelliMaster designer showcase

    Above:Richard Meier Museums, book design, 2006.This is one of the many books we have designed for Richard Meier.Right page, above:Format design for the Architecture magazine AAA,published in Santo Domingo, 2007.Below:Easy chairs, cast in nylon, designed for Heller, USA, in 2006.

  • 9Poster War / Peace for the 60th years Celebration of the United Nations / New York.

    Poster for the collection Tought on democracy, for the Wolfsonian Museum / Miami.

    Poster Africa the forgotten continent,for CESPI Foundation / Rome.

    Poster against the smoking,for the Policlinico Hospital / Milano.

    Armando MilaniMaster designer showcase

  • 10

    Logo Euromar for import-export company.Milan.

    Logo for Dialogos, publisher of psichology books.Milan.

    Logo Uomo Moda (man fashion) for ICE.New York.

    Logo for Brookehill Equities, investment.New York.

  • 11

    Denise Lowery Maureen Lynch Elisabetta DAffaraPetra Mueller Silvano Vitale Greg CunneyworthDan Pocock Marion DigelElle Yoon John Walsh Tom GloesenerAngela HaggmanAlberto Rigau

    PeopleThe Participants

  • 12

    Participants in the workshop were an international group, representing six countries. During the course of the workshop, they bonded into a strong group of friends in the quest of achieving new graphic design sensitivities. Close working relationships existed between the participants, master designers and faculty on a day by day basis. All participants enjoyed the unique opportunity of problem solving with the close support of Massimo Vignelli and Armando Milani.


  • 13

    Massimo and Lella Vignelli are New York-based designers of international reputation who have designed corporate identity programs,posters, publications, architectural graphics, products, interiors and furniture.Massimo lead a project in corporate identity and Lella Vignelli lectured about her work.


    Armando Milani is an internationally prominent graphic designer. Milani opened his design studio in Milan in 1970, and a New York branch in 1979. His current focus is on designing logos and corporate identity programs and posters for social causes. He is a member of the Alliance Graphique Internationale. During the Master workshop, Milani lead the project in graphic design.


    Cynthia Milani is a corporate anthropologist and President of The Institute for Global Development which provides cross-cultural training and branding for multinational companies throughout the world. She brought anthropological, cultural, and psychological, perspectives to the project in her lecture on branding.


    R. Roger Remington is the Vignelli Distinguished Professor of Design at Rochester Institute of Technology. An acknowledged and published design historian, he has established a unique graphic design archive of over 25 collections of American Modernist designers. During the Master class, Remington presented a lecture on visual rhetoric and, with Cynthia Milani, served as Workshop facilitators.



  • 14

    Massimo VignelliWords used by Massimo Vignelliin explaining his work to participants:

    Powerful visualsIntellectually elegant and timelessConsistentTo stamp out vulgarityPurityEmotionMovementNever compromiseIntegrityEleganceGridCollaborationDematerializeLuminosityMinimalismDirectSystem

    Armando Milani Words used by Armando Milani in explaining his work to participants:

    Eye to heartInfluencesExpress concepts without wordsPersonalityInterventionRelationshipsInterpretationDouble meaningAmbiguityTransformationMemorableSimplicityHumorContrastMetaphorDreamingContrastInspirationalTimelessness

    Lella Vignelli Words used by Lella Vignelli in explaining his work to participants:

    Transformation and connection PurityConsistency FeasibilitySubtletySimple yet complexInvisible yet beautiful in functionTransparencyDetailDecorativeContextReflectionProportionIlluminationCraftsmanshipHarmonyPlay of lightSpaceSurpriseEngagementParticipationPartnershipUtilitarianClassicSpace free and luminous


  • 15

    Cynthia Milani Questions posed by Cynthia Milani to workshop participants in her lecture on personal branding.

    What makes you special?What do you want to be remembered for?What are your blessings

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