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  • 1. WE DID IT And Brought The Change INDUS World School, Indore, Madhya Pradesh, Our Team: Rajat, Aakash, Shreenivas, Raghvendra and Nachiketa Mentor : Monica Jaiswal and Sheetal Chauhan
  • 2. Step 1 : Feel
    • Every morning while coming to school, when our bus passed through an adjoining road we experienced a foul smell from the heap of garbage scattered all around the road. This garbage had a deep impression on us. And it was troubling us badly. Several times our school had sent many official request letters to the municipal corporation but they didnt take any action for this so we decided to clean our surroundings ourselves. We had a strong feeling that only
    • WE CAN DO IT
  • 3. WHY GARBAGE ??????
    • This garbage was not only affecting us but also children living in the same locality, an orphanage next to our school and one more neighbouring school. We were actually concerned.
  • 4. Stinking Garbage
  • 5. STEP 2 : imagine..
    • We got together and discussed how to move forward. Many ideas came up such as:-
    • Street plays
    • Distributing pamphlets
    • Making people aware for waste management.
    • Organizing awareness rallies
  • 6. STEP 3 : DO Plan 1
    • We shared our idea in the morning assembly. All children were quite enthusiastic about it. Prior to the week of execution, we decided our execution plan. We designed pamphlets .
  • 7. pamphlet distribution.
    • We started to execute our plans by firstly distributing pamphlets to the people in the neighborhood. We invited the local people to join us in our cleanliness mission. We got mixed responses. Some appreciated our initiative while others started giving negative feedback but their bad views could not stop us from succeeding in our mission. They told us that doing this wont make any difference but our reply was that there has to be a beginning .
  • 8. Children Distributing Pamphlets
  • 9. STEP 3 : DOPlan 2
    • We arranged for disposable hand gloves and masks due to health precautions and set out, armed with tubs, brooms and jute bags to dump the garbage in. Many of the passer by started gathering and appreciating our work and some started helping us, especially children. Even a reporter from a local news channel came over.
  • 10. It Shook the Municipal Corporation The impact of distributing pamphlets could be seen as it shook a few local politicians who resided in the same locality. Our actions delivered a huge jolt to everyone, even to the Municipal Corporation. Two of the representatives came over to our school with joined hands saying please dont do all this, from hereafter, we will clean the heap of garbage everyday. At that moment we realized that we, the children, had the power which could shake even high post officials and authorities. Before After
  • 11. Stape 4 : share
    • After completing our task we invited other schools to come and share their ideas. We realized that garbage is the root problem everywhere. The project which caught our attention was of another school , they used old t-shirts to make cloth bags and thus our idea was shared with everyone.
    • From thereafter, we decided that it should not be done as a small DFC project, but realized that just doing for a few days wouldnt solve the purpose but continuing this practice would actually make a difference .
  • 13. From Principal And Parent
    • Principal Smita Rathore
    • It was a great experience and have felt great power which children have as we have been trying to do the same thing for 2 years and they have brought the changed in an hour by shaking the people in municipal council.
    • Parent Swati Jaiswal
    • I am really happy to see my child working on a great project like DFC and realizing the importance of proper garbage disposal. In the same evening she counsel her colony friend of making people aware of garbage disposal and made a call to family friends as well for the same.