development of the atomic theory part 1

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For my students: this is a story of the beginning of the development of the atomic theory. Now, you are to first listen to the presentation. Your task will then to pick one of the four choices to complete: 1. Create a storybook complete with pictures that would compliment the presentation. 2. Create a diorama to tell a similar story 3. Make models of each stage of development. 4. Create a story for part 2 of the development of the atomic theory that will be coming up.


  • 1. Development of the Atomic Theory Part 1
    A story of something you cannot even see.

2. Lets Think About It.
3. Democritus 440 B.C.
4. John B. Dalton Late 1700s
All matter is composed of atomsAtoms cannot be made or destroyedAll atoms of the same element are identicalDifferent elements have different types of atomsChemical reactions occur when atoms are rearrangedCompounds are formed from atoms of the constituent elements.
5. JJ Thomson 1897
The atom is no longer indestructible!
Found the electron!
(He called them corpuscles.)
Electrons have a negative charge.
To keep the atom neutral, the electron were thought to float in some kind of positive jelly.
This was known as the Plum-pudding model.
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7. Websites of screencaptures