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Part of the Enterprise Conference 2008 - The University of Winchester


  • 1. Developing Your BusinessOnline Steven Northam The University of Winchester Enterprise Conference 2008

2. What are we going to do?

  • Provide a rough guide to online business and how to get your own business online(not too technical I hope!)
  • 55mins session I will ramble on for 35-40mins
  • Feel free to shout out and ask questions as we go!
  • 15mins at the end for a chat/questions etc
  • Feedback forms

3. Online Business

  • So much could be said on this
  • Still big business! .com boom and bust is long gone Web 2.0 driving new ideas and business forward
  • Currently a good time for new and unique start-ups still room for new business models

4. Advantages & Disadvantages

  • Low start-up cost
  • Relatively simple
  • Run business from anywhere
  • Low entry barriers competition
  • Business models easily copied (YouTube, Facebook)

5. Does my business fit online?

  • Irrespective of your business and its market, a Web presence is almost always a good thing!
  • Some businesses fit easier than others
  • Your examples? Ideas?

6. How do I get my business online?

  • 4 main steps to getting your business online..
  • Domain Names
  • Web Hosting
  • Website Development
  • Running a Website
  • Finally how to make it a success ?

7. Domain Names

  • www. I Am A Domain Name
  • Check domain name before even considering registering with Companies House
  • Ensure you register the Domain Name you want (if its available!)
  • Consider registering .com,, .net and alike too!

8. How? Where? Costs?

  • Check to see if you Domain Name is free
  • Multitude of providers for Domain Name registration and management, a couple..
  • Roughly 3 per year
  • Domain Names, others can vary,
  • .com is expensive.

9. Web Design and Development

  • Building your website massive topic!
  • Make sure its done correctly and its done well
  • Crap looking sites reflect on your business
  • Many different styles and approaches possible

10. How? Where? Costs?

  • Can be costly but worth the money if the site is impressive, dont cut corners
  • I can make a webpage for you withDreamweaver watch out!
  • Hugely variable costing, large number of Web Design Companies available to pick from
  • Research and consulthonestexperts

11. Web Hosting

  • The place your website lives so it is available online for the world to see and use
  • Type of host you require depends on size of site, visitor numbers and the services you want to run
  • Shared hosting is very common for small sites

SN Technologies Limited Web Servers 12. How? Where? Costs?

  • Very wide range of providers available
  • Wide range of costs, packages, deals etc
  • If inexperienced opt for a package including consultation and support (more expensive)
  • Talk to an expert to get an idea of your needs

13. Services

  • Huge range of options for services you can run on your website
  • E-commerce systems
  • Content Management Systems (CMS)
  • Community Systems
  • Multimedia, Video, Photo sharing/uploads

14. Other considerations

  • Legal Data Protection, Trading Laws
  • Global Market
  • Time management
  • Growth
  • Diversification Scope
  • Exit Strategy

15. Running the website

  • Its quite simple really
  • Being up to date is a priority
  • Links to other systems e-commerce
  • Larger the site gets the more people required to run it

16. Security, Backup & Reliability

  • Important considerations often overlooked
  • Security online money transactions
  • Disasters often happen problems can be minimised
  • Backups & Mirrors
  • Reliability Slow website? Not available? Down time?


  • Costs get very high both hardware and running costs
  • Expert management required
  • Lots of techy things which I cant cover today!

When you out grow your host.. SN Technologies Limited Live Server Mirrors & Development Systems 18. Making it a success

  • Thats really up to you..
  • Many classical business aspects apply
  • Use of new technologies Social Networking, Blogs, Streaming Media, Viral Marketing
  • Keep your site up to date
  • Make it dynamic rather than static

19. Questions 20. Was this useful ?

  • Please complete the feedback forms and leave them with me as you go
  • This presentation will be posted on theLearning Network
  • Contact me:[email_address]
  • Video of this session (and this mornings talk) will be available via my blog site: