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Presentation by Chris Pycroft regarding planning process and implementation of a regeneration project for Douglas, the capital of the Isle of Man.


<ul><li> 1. Moving towards a proud capital</li></ul> <p> 2. Phase 1 IMAGE, IDENTITY &amp; AMBITIONS 3. The Isle of Man Timeless Rural Rugged Charming Elemental 4. Douglas Welcoming Urban High Quality Cosmopolitan Sophisticated Confident 5. Modern &amp; Urban - but not High Fashion Natural Manx Landscape Manmade Landmarks &amp; Icons Influential Manx People History &amp; Heritage 6. Stories in the Stones 7. 8. Wayfinding &amp; Story Telling 9. 10. The Colour Palette 11. Lighting Appraisal 12. Street Lighting 13. Architectural Lighting 14. Light and Art 15. Retailing and Light 16. Phase 2 Draft Proposals 17. Real collaboration and joining up is starting to happen and this is informing the proposals. 18. Plans Timescale? Priority &amp; Phasing? 19. Plans Stretch visit to the full extent of the town centre. 20. Plans Encourage greater movement between Strand Street and the Promenade. Fun! 21. Paving &amp; Drainage 22. Paving &amp; Drainage 23. Street Furniture 24. Street Furniture 25. Layout Concept Regent Street 26. Layout Concept Regent Street 27. The Colour Palette 28. The Colour Palette 29. The Colour Palette 30. The Colour Palette 31. The Colour Palette 32. Wayfinding &amp; Information 33. Wayfinding &amp; Information 34. Lighting 35. Lighting 36. Lighting 37. Lighting 38. Festive Lighting 39. Projected Lighting 40. Sunken Gardens 41. Beacons 42. Gaiety Plaza 43. 44. </p>