Designing Mobile Apps with HTML5 & CSS3

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Johannes Ippen and Florian Franke about Mobile App Design with HTML5 and CSS3 at Webinale 2012 in Berlin


<ul><li> 1. DesigningMOBILE APPSwithHTML5 &amp; CSS3</li></ul> <p> 2. JOHANNES IPPENSenior Graphics Designer, Wooga FLORIAN FRANKEInteractive Designer, made in 3. 55.000 4. 100.000 5. All made with HTML5 6. No AppStore Cloud-basedIndependent Easy 7. HTML5 ROCKT! 8. WEBSITES vsAPPS 9. SolveLook &amp; CreateProblemsFeelExperience 10. GOOGLE MAIL 11. SOUNDCLOUD 12. HOW TO design an app? 13. Identify thePROBLEM 14. In whichSITUATION will the app be used? 15. STORYBOARDhelps you understand 16. WIREFRAMES &amp; user flow 17. USABILITYTEST 18. DONT TELLthe user what to do, let himSOLVE the problem 19. DONT TESTYOUR USER you are testing the App! 20. DONT LISTEN to what the user wishesOBSERVEwhat he does 21. HTML5 CSS3JAVASCRIPT 22. dont reinvent the wheelTOOLS 23. BOOTSTRAP 24. ZEPTO.JS 25. JQUERY MOBILE 26. SENCHA TOUCH 27. HTML5ROCKT.DE 28. A look into theFUTURE 29. HTML5 IS HEREand its hereTO STAY 30. WEB GLon mobile? Hell, yeah! 31. WEB RTC 32. MAINSTREAMyour grandma uses webapps, too. 33. HTML5 ROCKT! 34. HTML5ROCKT.DE@html5rockt </p>