Designing Memorable Websites: Showcase of Creative Designs

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Designing Memorable Websites: Showcase of Creative Designs As a part of web development industry, we feel that there is so much more than just a design that people enjoy when they first visit a website. The main goal of any portfolio or business website is to provide a great user friendly web design. You must compete with your audiences interest and attention to stand out with your workflow. For that you need to update yourself with the current design methodologies specially the latest buzz word responsive web in which the fluid grids, CSS media queries and flexible images are used to create more adaptive and elegant screen layouts to fit the available space. You can also see a rising popularity of soft: hoverand: active/: focus-effects that allow us to create more attractive and responsive links, navigation items. Another important aspect is the web typography which gives an opportunity to create more unique and memorable designs. Here is list of ways that you should always follow to ensure the user friendly experience possible and help you to design a memorable website: Clear, concise content Keep things organized,clean navigation and content flow Fast page load times Innovative, and up to date design Use of original and unique graphics Feel free to experiment with different color combinations Use interesting catchphrases, sentences Zinguh! Creativ MODERN MINIMALISM AN D COOL GREEN ACCENTS It features a bold slide show and a memorably detailed green leaf favicon which looks both funky and neatly executed. See the high quality of product images throughout the site. United Pixelworkers P IXELLY IMAGES: A VI SUAL PUN! Pixelworkers features a pixilated, textured background as well as foreground images, rich in texture and information which is so clean. See the static navigation at the top left corner. Outback Creative Studio LARGE ORIGINAL ILLUSTRATIONS Innovative, large navigation buttons on the right side which is a fresh, colorful and inviting approach. The graded orange and purple color scheme is rich and unusual, and lends the design a unique look and feel. Kus RIGHT-ALIGNED, INTERACTIVE LOGO An eye-catching interactive logo with a word that displays on mouse-over. DEAD stands for Dreaming Everyday About Design, which stands out and is easy to remember. Maynard RIGHT-ALIGNED GRAPHIC MAYH EM The offbeat graphics, original layout and creative layout make this website memorable. The ribbon sidebar, Vintage graphics ,blue textured footer is interesting and unique. Summary While creating a user friendly and memorable website design ensure that your website must meet all the design requirements using fancy graphics, bold typography, creative animations, and innovative layouts to stand out in the competition and make it more personal and creative. iMediadesigns provide cost effective web design and development solutions and offers custom web design services in Toronto