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Tips and tricks on how to design an engaging presentation especially for e-Learning. A good design always engage us!


<p>PowerPoint Presentation</p> <p>Topic</p> <p>Instructional design</p> <p>Instructional design (cont)</p> <p>1. Gain Attention</p> <p>2. State Learning Outcomes</p> <p>Creative Ways?</p> <p>Creative Ways?</p> <p>Use Measureable Action Verbs!</p> <p>Use Measureable Action Verbs!</p> <p>3. Recall Prior Knowledge</p> <p>4. Present Content</p> <p>The following bulleted list has too many chunks presented at once:</p> <p>5. Provide Learning Guidance </p> <p>Medical Example</p> <p>Use SmartArt or Articulate Engage!</p> <p>6. Activities 7. Feedback 8. Assessment</p> <p>9. Apply Learning</p> <p>Example: Additional Resources</p> <p>What ANNOYS About PowerPoint Presentations?</p> <p>Preparing Slides</p> <p>Contrast Background &amp; Text Colors</p> <p>Bad Contrast Vs. Good Contrast</p> <p>Font Type</p> <p>Finally, Avoid Busy Templates!</p> <p>eLearning Content </p> <p>Key Ingredients of a Great Course?</p> <p>How to Design the lesson?</p> <p>Present Engaging Content</p> <p>Which design is more engaging?</p> <p>How to design?</p> <p>Communication Model</p> <p>What are the design principles and how it helps to create an effective eLearning? </p> <p>Understanding </p> <p>Why are Visuals important in a presentation?</p> <p>Tools for Flipped Classroom</p> <p>Engaging Presentation Design Simplified </p>