Designing Engaging Presentation for eLearning

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Tips and tricks on how to design an engaging presentation especially for e-Learning. A good design always engage us!


PowerPoint PresentationTopicInstructional designInstructional design (cont)1. Gain Attention2. State Learning OutcomesCreative Ways?Creative Ways?Use Measureable Action Verbs!Use Measureable Action Verbs!3. Recall Prior Knowledge4. Present ContentThe following bulleted list has too many chunks presented at once:5. Provide Learning Guidance Medical ExampleUse SmartArt or Articulate Engage!6. Activities 7. Feedback 8. Assessment9. Apply LearningExample: Additional ResourcesWhat ANNOYS About PowerPoint Presentations?Preparing SlidesContrast Background & Text ColorsBad Contrast Vs. Good ContrastFont TypeFinally, Avoid Busy Templates!eLearning Content Key Ingredients of a Great Course?How to Design the lesson?Present Engaging ContentWhich design is more engaging?How to design?Communication ModelWhat are the design principles and how it helps to create an effective eLearning? Understanding Why are Visuals important in a presentation?Tools for Flipped ClassroomEngaging Presentation Design Simplified