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  • 1. Dental Implants Socket Preservation Sumeet Bagai DDS Advanced Family Dental-2009


  • It was decided that tooth # 6 would be un-restorable and the long term prognosis was hopeless.It was decided by the patient to opt for an Implant/crown


  • Anesthesia was obtained using 2% lidocaine with 1/100,000 epi. By buccal infiltration.
  • Atraumatic tooth extraction was preformed using periotomes

4. 5.

  • PUROS cortical allograft was used to fill in the socket
  • An amalgam carrier was used to deliver the graft into the socket site

6. 7.

  • A bone condenser is then used to lightly pack the material into the socket site


  • 1/3 of a collaplug is used to cover the bone graft material


  • 4-0 chroma-gut sutures are placed in a figure 8 pattern to hold the membrane in place and allow for proper healing