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Delusory Parasitosis and Other Mind Myths About Bugs Nancy C. Hinkle, Ph.D. Dept. of Entomology Univ. of Georgia Athens, Georgia Morgellons Research Foundation Researching an emerging infectious skin disease Image 1: Lip of 3 year old boy, 10x Image 2: Object from same lip, 60x FIBER DISEASE CDC Investigating Morgellons Illness CDC investigates whether bizarre Morgellons condition is real or imagined CDC Funds Morgellons Study (AP) Imagine your body pocked by erupting sores. The sensation of little bugs crawling all over you. And worst of all, mysterious red and blue fibers sprouting from your skin. It may sound like a macabre science fiction movie, but a growing legion of Americans say they suffer from this condition. And now the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is investigating. Some doctors dismiss these patients as delusional. But the condition - called Morgellons - has caused a small frenzy on the Internet, with hundreds of people pleading for help. "Sometimes the government doesn't want to panic people until they can figure out a definitive cause," said Pat Boddie, a 62-year-old Alabama woman who said she's had Morgellons for 14 years. "They're trying to figure out if this is going to be an epidemic. I hate to tell them, but it already is," she said. The CDC has been receiving as many as 20 calls a day from self-diagnosed Morgellons patients. The agency has been urged to investigate by, among others, U.S. Sen. Dianne Feinstein of California. "We're going into this with an open mind," said Dan Rutz, spokesman for a CDC Morgellons task force. EKBOM SYNDROME -- A CONDITION IN WHICH THE INDIVIDUAL CONSIDERS HIMSELF INFESTED BY INVISIBLE BUGS (DELUSORY PARASITOSIS) Infestation population of organisms lives in (or on), feeding, reproducing, and sustaining itself Delusory Parasitosis Ekbom Syndrome an erroneous, unshakable belief that the skin is infested with a parasite A delusion is a false belief that is not consistent with the patients intelligence, educational level, or cultural background, and that cannot be corrected by reasoning (Koblenzer 1993) EKBOM SYNDROME K.A. EKBOM (1907-1977) Swedish neurologist who described Delusion of Infestation in the Elderly Acta Psychiatrica et Neurologica Scandinavica (1938) History of Psychiatry (Classic Text No. 54) 14(2): 232-256 Demographics Symptoms Management Behaviors Medical History Comorbidities Dr. Hinkle- I have been suffering from what feels like insect bites at night, but can't ever see any insects where affected. Every so often I think i see something flying past me but have still never found one. I used a fogger for my apartment and while it seemed to work for a few days, the culprit is back in full force. I also just recently returned from being out of town for 4 days thinking the lack of a blood source would starve whatever it is, but only seemed to make them hungrier. I feel like they are crawling on me, followed by an intense sting / bite, then a little welt forms that when scratched turns into a scab that doesn't heal quickly, as in 1-2 weeks before they finally go away (the scabs). Nothing I've found on the web has been helpful in pinpointing what I'm dealing with, and I was hoping you might be able to steer me in the right direction for relief. Help!! I am being bitten alive by invisible bugs! When I'm being bitten I feel a sharp sensation, like a tiny pinprick, but when I look at where I am being bitten I cant see a darn thing. I have tiny red dots all over my body under my skin (where I believe the bugs have bitten me), but my doctor says they are probably nothing. (Whatever, doc) There is no welt or noticeable bite mark. I feel itchy all over my body, my feet, my belly, my hair, especially when I am in the basement and at night. I know this isn't in my head b/c when ppl come over to the basement, they are itchy too. Also, I believe its a bug that jumps because when I am around someone else, they start to feel itchy as well (without me saying a WORD about the bugs). I have sprayed the place enough times, vaccuumed and scrubbed for hours, washed my sheets and clothes in hot water twice and bagged them, then froze them, and have now just resorted to spraying OFF on myself and when I'm really desperate - RAID - before and after bed because this is the only way I get relief. Does anyone battle this same mysterious bug? Any advice???? Please HELP! PEOPLE BLAME SPIDER BITES BED BUGS SCABIES CHIGGERS THRIPS SPRINGTAILS BIRD OR RODENT MITES SPIDERS DO NOT BITE HUMANS BED BUGS ARE NOT INVISIBLE Scabies = Sarcoptes scabiei infestation CHIGGER BITING MIDGE THRIPS (THYSANOPTERA) Springtails (Collembola) BIRD MITES (FEED ONLY ON BIRDS) Some DP Background: DP is the most commonly reported delusional disorder More than 250,000 cases in U.S. Often affects people in pairs or groups in a shared delusion, called folie-a-deux. Entire families, entire offices, are susceptible A. MOST COMMON IN ELDERLY B. DISPROPORTIONATELY FEMALE C. EXHIBIT SELF-DESTRUCTIVE BEHAVIORS 1. QUIT JOBS 2. BURN/DESTROY FURNITURE 3. ABANDON HOME 4. OBSESSIVE LAUDERING/CLEANING 5. REPEATED PESTICIDE MISUSE 6. USE HOME REMEDIES 7. SELF-MUTILATION/EXCORIATION D. PROVIDE SPECIMENS- GOBBETS OF TISSUE, OTHER DEBRIS E. ELABORATE DESCRIPTIONS OF PEST & LIFE CYCLE F. SOCIAL ISOLATION G. MAJOR LIFE EVENT (DIVORCE, BEREAVEMENT, JOB LOSS) H. CONSULTED SEVERAL PHYSICIANS I. MEAN DURATION OF DELUSION > 3 YR. J. COMPLAIN OF ITCHING, CRAWLING, STINGING, BITING K. ADAMANT THAT IT IS AN INFESTATION L. EXPRESSES DESPERATION M. DELUSION EVENTUALLY SHARED BY ANOTHER When the sensation is felt Apply tape Gently fold tape on itself Box and ship SENSATIONS ARE REAL PHYSICAL PHYSIOLOGICAL PSYCHOLOGICAL PHYSICAL CAUSES OF SKIN DISCOMFORT PHYSIOLOGICAL CAUSES OF SKIN DISCOMFORT DERMATOGRAPHIA (DERMNET.COM) RINGWORM DIABETIC NEUROPATHY IS A SERIOUS COMPLICATION OF DIABETES, AFFECTING HALF OF DIABETICS. NERVES DAMAGED BY DIABETIC NEUROPATHY CAN CAUSE STINGING OR BURNING SENSATIONS, TINGLING, PAIN, NUMBNESS OR A CRAWLING SENSATION ON THE SKIN. FORMICATION SOME DISEASES CHARACTERIZED BY PARESTHESIA OR PRURITUS SYMPTOMS AUTOIMMUNE DISEASES (LUPUS) CARDIOVASCULAR DISEASE CIRRHOSIS DIABETES HEPATITIS HIV INFECTION HODGKINS DISEASE HYPERTHYROIDISM HYPOTHYROIDISM HEAVY-METAL POISONING LYME DISEASE MALIGNANCIES/NEOPLASMS MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS PARKINSONS DISEASE RENAL FAILURE STROKE SYPHILIS VITAMIN DEFICIENCIES 10 U.S. Prescription Products by Sales, 2003 Prescription products only. Source: IMS National Sales PerspectivesTM, 2/2006 DRUG POSSIBLE SIDE EFFECTS 1 Rash, paresthesia, pruritus 2 Urticaria, pruritus, rash, erythema 3 Erythema, urticaria 4 Paresthesia, pruritus, rash, urticaria, erythema 5 Erythema, rash, urticaria 6 Erythema, rash 7 Dermatitis, pruritus, paresthesia, rash, urticaria 8 Paresthesia, dermatitis, pruritus, rash, urticaria 9 Paresthesia, pruritus, rash 10 Paresthesia, pruritus, urticaria Top 10 U.S. Prescription Products by Sales, 2008 Lipitor Amoxicillin Lisinopril Lotensin Tenormin Zithromax Lasix Xanax Lopressor Vicodin COCAINE BUGS AND METH MITES COCAINE BUGS AND METH MITES COCAINE The patient complained of a worm infestation in his neck. He used a pair of scissors to excise the imagined worms. The toxicology screening of this patient was positive for cocaine, opiates, and tranquilizers. STRESS ANXIETY DEPRESSION PSYCHOLOGICAL CAUSES DISPLACEMENT ACTIVITY an unconscious defense mechanism whereby the mind redirects from situations producing internal conflict (uncertainty or anxiety) and felt to be dangerous or unacceptable to a focus felt to be safe or acceptable. Scratching and autogrooming (picking) are the most commonly reported displacement activities among primates. FIRST IDENTIFY THE PEST What does your agreement to treat obligate you to? THEY ARE STRICTLY MEDICAL CONDITIONS. THE ONLY ARTHROPODS THAT INFEST HUMAN BODIES ARE SCABIES MITES AND HUMAN LICE. BECAUSE THESE LIVE EXCLUSIVELY ON HUMAN BODIES, THERE IS NO ROLE FOR A PMP IN CONTROLLING THEM. SCABIES MITE HUMAN LOUSE No insect or mite can live in the environment and switch to infesting the human body. No insect or mite can feed on inorganic materials, so cannot survive on furniture or carpeting. No winged insects infest human bodies. No invisible mites or insects infest human bodies. No external animal parasites can infest humans. Bird mites cannot infest humans. Human body infestation is a medical condition and must be treated by a physician. EKBOM SYNDROME IS A MEDICAL CONDITION Refer cases to UGA ( 706-542-9033