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  • 8/13/2019 Deloitte _ TMT _ Global Mobile Consumer Survey_ U.S


    12/5/13 Deloitte | TMT | Global Mobile Consumer Survey: U.S. Edition 1/2

    Global Mobile Consumer Survey: U.S. EditionTaking the pulse of the mobile cons umer

    Download the executive summaries

    The big picture in m obileOverview of broad-based surv eyfindings that impact the corenetwork and services us ed bymobile consumers.

    The deep dive in mobileA focu s on the specific devicesand/or services in the mobilecommunity, based on GlobalMobile Consumer Survey data.

    Are U.S. consumers apathetic about apps? When it comes to s martphones, could bigger bebetter? How do consumers feel about the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) trend? Whenchoosing a mobile d e vice, ho w great a consideration is price?

    The results arent what you might think and keeping abreas t of ever-changing consumerpreferences is key to success in the fast-paced mobile ecosystem.

    The 2013 edition of Deloittes Global Mobile Consumer Survey offers valuable insight into U.S.consumer behavior, purchasing habits and preferences. The survey, fielded by an independentresearch firm in July of 2013, takes the pulse of consum er sentiment across a broad range ofmobile services, technologies and devices. In addition to providing U.S. information, the surveycan help organizations better understand global cons umer trends: the survey was fielded in 20countries and encompasses the responses of nearly 38,000 consumers around the world.

    Trends highlighted in the U.S. survey include:

    Cons um ers are addicted to speed The tablet effectWi-Fi is growing fast BYOD: win/winPrice matters for some Is bigger better?App saturation? Subsidy surprise?4G drives it all The future of NFC?

    For additional information about the 2013 Global Mobile Consum er Survey, please contact usat . We also invite you to follow the conversation via social mediachannels via @DeloitteTMT and #GMCS2013 .

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