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Here is best 7 delicious recipes from my recipe collection. Try these healthy and easy recipes that thrill the eyes and satisfy taste buds.


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Delicious Recipes You Must TryBaked Potato SoupPohaFrench Onion SoupCurried CouscousChicken CurryDal MakhaniChicken Noodle SoupThe ingredient used for the soup had fat free sour cream, which did give a tart taste. After getting some of the ingredients tweaked, the recipe does require less fat sour cream and the results could give better and happier results.Read More.

Baked Potato SoupDelicious Recipes You Must TryPoha, chief breakfast recipe from Maharashtra and Gujarat has now become an ordinary breakfast item in almost every Indian household. It is easy to quick recipe and remarkable taste makes it unique. Poha is nothing but flattened rice mixed with vegetables like onion, potato and Indian spices.

PohaRead More.Delicious Recipes You Must TryFrench Onion SoupFrench onion soup, usually served as a starter, which originated from French is now popular all over the world and is included in many restaurant and hotels menus. Although there are many variations to this dish, but ingredients like Onion, butter and grated cheese is common to all.

Read More.Delicious Recipes You Must TryCurried CouscousCurried couscous is a tasty and healthy recipe with the benefits of vegetables and chicken broth. The flavors of curry and chicken broth are combined with the sweetness of apple and raisins. Your diet will just miss the extra carbohydrate and fat and not the taste.

Read More.Delicious Recipes You Must TryChicken CurryChicken curry is a well-known dish that has distinctive variants and formulas relying upon the nation and region it is being served. It is truly entrancing that individuals concoct diverse methods for cooking it and putting more exertion on different ingredients and spices.

Read More.Delicious Recipes You Must TryDal MakhaniDal Makhani is very popular in North Indian dish. It is extremely rich, smooth, mild spicy and tasty dal recipe. It is start with common Punjabi onion-tomato masala. This recipe has few dry spices, still it taste exceptionally flavorful.

Read More.Delicious Recipes You Must TryIs there anything more amazing than chicken noodle soup? Ideal for cold climate and particularly great if you are battling off a flu or cold. This recipe makes a particularly clean tasting soup with a lot of noodles, and clear broth.Chicken Noodle Soup

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