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  • Data Dashboards Tutorial: Municipal Dashboard and Material Specific Dashboard

    By: Waste Wiki @FES

  • OverviewWhat is the dashboard used for?How to guide

  • What are the dashboards used for? Aggregate all historical data entries from the municipal tonnage/financial/program info worksheets listed on the WDO website

    Aggregate all historical data entries for individual materials available from the Stewardship Ontario Pay in Model (Including Gross/Net Costs, Revenue, Tonnes Generates/Recovered, % Share of Material Generated, % Share of Overall System Costs)

  • Material Specific Dashboard How To:Select Dashboard Worksheet

    Select Cell D1, and choose material type (Highlighted in Blue): Look at all the pretty graphs (Note: Ideal screen resolution is 1920x1080 or higher. If you are using a smaller monitor, you will have to scross around a bit)

  • Municipal DashboardSelect Dashboard Worksheet

    Select Cell A1, and choose municipality (Highlighted in Blue)Look at all the pretty graphs

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