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<ul><li> 1. Daniels journey (so far!) Viv CooperThe Challenging Behaviour Foundation</li></ul> <p> 2. To cover..Our familyDaniels pathwayRight support, right place, right time 3. What do we want for Daniel?An interesting, happy lifeRange of experiencesFulfilling potential 4. Remember.People whose behaviourchallenges have the same needsas everyone else, in addition tospecial needs for help to overcomethe problems their behaviourpresents. They do not surrendertheir needs for personalrelationships, for growth anddevelopment or for anything elsebecause their behaviour presentsa challenge to services. They havethe same human rights aseveryone else. Mansell 2, 2007 5. Early daysDiagnosisInformationBehavioursSchool &amp; respite 6. Looking back what was needed?Access to local expertiseInformation and trainingA holistic approachPartnership workingLong term planning 7. Looking back what happened?52 week school275 miles from homeHigh costPlanning - what next? 8. What do families want?InformationGood supportTo be valued as partners 9. Their experiencesa lack of local expertise &amp; capability in understanding &amp; responding to challenging behaviourdifficulty accessing services unless in crisisa lack of support and traininga lack of information to plan realistically, and hopefully, for the future;not being included as essential partners Scoping report: McGill Cooper &amp; Honeyman (2010) 10. Institutional care- policy &amp; practiceGovernment policy:Winterbourne View: Individualised and person Not individualised or personcentred centred Local Out of area Outcome focused No outcomes Value for money Generating profits for privatecompany shareholders (ave. fee3500 per week) Not institutional Community based Institutional Open Industrial estate Closed 11. What works?A person centred approachWorking in partnershipStaff with knowledge and skillGood management &amp; planningA focus on outcomes for the individual.. A successful service looks like an ordinary home or occupation, whenit is a carefully designed &amp; organised service dependent on a great deal of skill &amp; management. Mansell (2007) 12. Daniel nowRents a bungalow (tenant)Staff support teamInteresting and active life!Close to familyExploring employmentopportunitiesCircle of support 13. ActionsStop putting people in the wrong types of serviceInvest in the development of quality local support around the personSort out the fundingOnly register appropriate servicesStrengthen safeguarding 14. Quality monitoring..I want support providers to ask themselves:would you like to live your life like this?Would this be good enough for you? Foryour son, daughter or relative? If theanswer is no, then you need to changewhat you are you are doing.Parent 15. Dont keep asking me what my views are, orconsulting me about this, that or the other or thelatest new idea. All I want for my son is that hehas a good quality of life, with good qualitysupport and good quality services.Parent Quality means doing it right when no-one is looking. Henry Ford 16. Contact The Challenging Behaviour Foundation, C/o The Old CourthouseNew Road AvenueChathamKentinfo@thecbf.org.uk www.challengingbehaviour.org.uk01634 838739 info@thecbf.org.uk </p>