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Dance Instructors: Maria Priya Slide 2 Equipment TV DVD Mats Dance shoes Water Energy drinks Stereo system Sweats Slide 3 Performed in Dance Room Dance room requirements Floor to ceiling mirrors Springy wood floor Slide 4 Safety Concerns Stretch Can pull a muscle break a bone/ sprain joint in elaborate moves Dance shoes- no socks (you might slip and hurt yourself) Slide 5 Set up Check heart rate (should be normal 70-90 BPM) Lay out mats and stretch to loosen muscles Be sure to stretch legs, arms, neck, and back to avoid tight muscles after dancing Turn up music (Play Dance CDs) Slide 6 Warm Up Stretching ( hamstrings, quads, back, abdomen, shoulders, neck, for e.g., butterfly stretches- you become more flexible) 2 minutes 15 Jumping Jacks 15 Sit ups/ pushups Slide 7 Dance In this class, we are targeting to choreograph music to a certain song by getting ideas from groups and preforming them out Through the practice and creativity, we will exercise and reach a desired heart rate to reach a certain level of fitness (moderate) Slide 8 Dancing Divide in groups of three Devise choreographed routines to music (Moves like Jagger) Decide what routine looks best Teach the rest of the groups how to go through routine Practice till heart rate reaches desired target (220-age x 0.7) Slide 9 Cool Down (10 minutes) Do a small, slow dance routines that requires more stretching than energy. (5 minutes) Yoga- lie on the floor, with the light turned off, and slowly relax each muscle in the body starting from toe to the head. Stay in that position for 5 minutes. Heart rate should be about normal by the end Slide 10 Links Pj8&ob=av3n Zs&feature=related