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  1. 1. Daily Sketches 3.6 Nathaniel Miller
  2. 2. Sketch 1 In this sketch I worked on making the background the focus and the people kind of blurry/less detailed.
  3. 3. Sketch 2 In this sketch I worked on drawing a picture from a different point of view. I saw this picture from a different angle and then tried to recreate it from a different perspective.
  4. 4. Sketch 3 In this sketch I drew a scene similar to the one at the entrance to the PSB campus, with cars entering and merging
  5. 5. Sketch 4 In this sketch I recreated an owl symbol. It was a fairly straightforward sketch however I enjoyed drawing it since I'm a fan the label, so it was fun to sketch it myself.
  6. 6. Sketch 5 In this sketch I drew 4 social media apps, I tried to recreate them as well as I could, substituting colors for light and dark gray.
  7. 7. Sketch 6 In this sketch I drew the Penguins logo. I used thick lines for its border and a thin white line to bring out the image from the background
  8. 8. Sketch 7 In this sketch I drew the Portland Trail Blazers team logo. I tried to use a new concept of taking the main idea and making similar, but less detailed versions as the background.
  9. 9. Sketch 8 In this sketch I drew the Golden State Warriors team logo. I worked on using the side of my pencil to shade in the logo, it didnt transition from the real life drawing to image here very well however.