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Short Story about Dab


Bayu Ade PrabowoC11.2011.01229

This is My Story

This story began with like any other of self reflection, there is opening of the story. The opening showed about how life I am in the past. What mistake I did? What I did until I became like this. My stories of immature action without thinking something are logic. I also found out that me in the past time was so embarrassed. High ego, uncontrollably angry, couldnt make priority, desire first but never looked the effect after it. Everything will have a lesson. Slowly, what I did showed disaster. I dropped out from college in the past, I got dumped by my ex girlfriend for I hadnt have a potential to live a life. In my lowest point like that, I decided to runaway to Jakarta. 3 months in there, I had many experiences that changed my life ever. I knew about my mistake, it was like a spirit journey. Now I think that I am different than before.

1. The photos:a. Wood doll reflectionIt has a meaning that this is about reflection. Self reflection. I used the photo of like that because wood does not have a face. So it will have many interpretations about that.b. Failed markIt has a meaning, after I dropped out from the past college; I felt that I became a failed man.

c. burn-head manIt has a meaning; it is like my index of the story. If there is a smoke, there will be a fire. If there is a mistake, there will be a disaster.

2. Music:a. Human Quality by Explosion in the SkyThis instrumental song explained about what human actually is. It has not a lyric, but if you listen the song, you will know about it by the symphony of this song. b. Carmina Burana by Carl OrffThis song always used when there is a disaster. When the disasters were came in my life for the result of my mistake, this song interpretation it so much clear.

3. Videoa. The Avengers scene When Hulk punched Thor and smashed LokiThis scene explained about what happened in me when the disasters were came in my life for the result of my mistake.b. Top Gun sceneThe quote in this scene Your Ego Is Writing Cheques Your Body Can't Cash is really pictured of me in the past time.


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