cuebc 2013: authentic assessment: digital storytelling - apps that transform learn

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iPad Integration Through A Differentiation Lens

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Focus on a select set of apps that have great value in the classroom to move learning opportunities to the Transformation level


  • 1.iPad Integration Through A Differentiation Lens

2. Minimize written output struggles using digital storytelling. ! Engage students in expressing / communicating rather than struggling with the written form. 3. In some countries [...], essays have become a major part of formal education. Secondary students are taught structured essay formats to improve their writing skills, and admission essays are often used by universities in selecting applicants and, in the humanities and social sciences, as a way of assessing the performance of students during nal exams.! 4. Learning? 5. The default media form has shifted from the essay to the multimedia collage.! Jason Ohler! 6. I like writing now... My hand doesnt hurt 7. StoryTelling: more than words 8. No matter how high tech we become, telling stories to each other orally will endure.! Jason Ohler! ! 9. iStorytelling! 10. Authentic Assessment??? 11. Camera Comic LifeSkitch Book Creator Explain Everything Puppet PalsCoaches Eye Garage Band 12. Camera (Built-in) 13. Application for Assessment Camera (Built-in) 14. Created Images 15. Skitch Cost: Free! Multi-platform 16. Application for Assessment Skitch Cost: Free! Multi-platform 17. Garageband Cost: $4.99 18. Application for Assessment Garageband Cost: $4.99 19. Shared Dropbox By Email [email protected] ! or via invite to shared folder w8le0bl2klle019/-MB5DRwSNv 20. Comic Life Cost: $4.99! Photo & Video 21. Application for Assessment Comic Life Cost: $4.99! Photo & Video 22. Explain Everything Cost: $2.99 23. Application for Assessment Explain Everything Cost: $2.99 24. Sharing / Saving [email protected] 25. YouTube Channel 26. Coachs Eye Cost: $4.99 27. Coachs Eye Application for Assessment Cost: $4.99 28. Puppet Pals Free - in app purchases available! Directors Pass ($2.99) complete! Puppet Pals 2! Photo & Video 29. Application for Assessment Puppet Pals Free - in app purchases available! Directors Pass ($2.99) complete! Puppet Pals 2! Photo & Video 30. Book Creator Cost: $4.99 31. iBooks Author Cost: Free! On Mac OS only 32. Application for Assessment Book Creator Cost: $4.99 33. Stories are meant to be told! Tell Yours 34. Information and Media Literacy Coordinator Authentic Assessment - Digital Storytelling Kevin Amboe [email protected] @amboe_k 35. Questions? Kevin Amboe [email protected] @amboe_k ! 36. Images Attribution 1. DEC ED Services T-Shirt Design! 4,7,9 - Photo taken for SD36 project! 5 - Mashup with screenshot -! 6! 10. iStorytelling video produced for Surrey School District! 12 - Icon Screenshots! 14,15,16! 18 - Images Created or Mashed by Kevin Amboe! 24 - Kaitlyn Amboe! 32,33,34 - Student Work! 35 - Comic LIfe by Kevin Amboe! 47 - iBooks Author Screenshot