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Gabriela RuizCreative Strategy Statement and Advertising PlanApril 10, 2014ADV 4101

Creative Strategy StatementAds will target urban up-and-coming professionals who are seeking to start or maintain healthy lifestyles and will motivate them to be educated about their diet. A realistic visualization of the benefits of a healthy diet will convince them.Advertising PlanKey Fact:A recent study shows that taste and price continue to drive food and beverage choices more than healthfulness (61%) or sustainability (35%).Advertising Problem: Consumers are unaware and unmotivated to do the research into finding healthy food at the grocery store, and are eating out instead of cooking at home, which diminishes their chances of consuming a healthy diet.Advertising Objective:To motivate the target audience to make healthier choices when eating and to educate them about nutrition so that they may take charge of aspects in their life.Target Consumers: Urban professionals aged 25 to 34, living a fast-paced lifestyle.Competition:Fast food chains and restaurants are the direct competition while convenience, lifestyle and patterns of behavior are the indirect competition. Key Consumer Benefit: Consumers will feel healthier and more satisfied with their dietary choices. This will improve consumers health which will help to reduce Americans health care problems.Support: In several recent studies conducted by The International Food Information Council Foundation concerning consumer attitudes towards health and nutrition it was found that although many Americans are becoming more aware of their unhealthy food and drink consumptions, they do not feel adequately informed or interested on these issues. Although 55% of Americans have reported they want to eat healthier to lose weight, only 1 in 6 (17%) report they have stopped buying a specific brand or food type because of their health and safety concerns. Food labels are not proving highly effective, with about 64% of Americans incorrectly estimating the proper calorie and nutritional intake for their weight. In addition, 3 out of 4 consumers have reported feeling a lack of trust and belief of the changes in nutritional guidance. With an increasing number of Americans wishing to make healthier choices, it is essential to provide simple and understandable nutritional information, as well as a message relative to the health concerns of current Americans. As price and taste continue to be the most important influencers in food purchases there is a need to inform the public on the benefits of healthier eating at a competitive price. A campaign message sent through national TV, radio, magazine, and social media will reach our target consumers.Tone Statement:Healthy, motivating, realistic and factual. Mandatories and Limitations: Logo, URL, budget restrictions: $1 million for media and $4 million for production, legal disclaimers.


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