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A nanny and domestic services referral agency. 877-553-4231

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We, Crunch Care, located in San Diego and Orange County, are professional and flexible to provide you every kind of in-home care and nanny service whenever and wherever you require. We have professional staff that completely understands the importance of care givers.


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A nanny and domestic services referral


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What we do• A nanny and domestic

services referral agency.• Providing sporadic, short

term, and long term placements

• Providing back up care corporate referral solutions

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Positions we refer• Housekeepers• Caregivers• Mother’s helpers• Personal Assistants

• Nannies• Night Nannies• Baby Nurses• Babysitters

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Service options• Membership Care Club• Pay As You Go• Long Term Search

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Back Up Care• An insurance policy for your employees • Mildy sick childcare• Family emergencies• Long term solutions• Working with families and companies over the years• Today working with Qualcomm and UCSD

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Who we are• Founded in 2006• Corporate recruiting background with over 14 years of

experience in the staffing industry• Place over 2000 nannies per year both long and short

term• Service both San Diego and Orange County with

separate locations in each county• Founder and CEO Board Member of the International

Nanny Association• Member of the BBB for 7 years