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  • CRM adoption among salespeople is notoriously low. According to Gartner it is just under


  • The reasons?

    Sales see CRMs data entry and maintenance

    needs as a time-wasting bind.

    Sales complain that CRM isnt tailored to their specific needs.

    Sales believe that CRM is too scientific; that sales is actually an art.

  • These are misconceptions.To counter such false impressions, its

    essential to highlight the benefits of CRM to your teams.

  • A good CRM solution will help your team to:

    Increase automation

  • A good CRM solution will help your team to:

    Create better forecasting and reporting

  • A good CRM solution will help your team to:

    Boost alignment

  • A good CRM solution will help your team to:

    Go mobile

  • A good CRM solution will help your team to:

    Drive business benefits.

  • 1. Increasing automation

    Specific criteria for lead scoring can be assigned from job roles and location, through to email activity and web behaviour.

    Scores can be applied to each and every lead generated by your CRM platform, with the best being prioritised automatically.

    CRM can judge which leads are ready to be exploited, routing them to the right sales representative so they can act immediately.

    Small but time-intensive tasks can be automated as well; for instance, saved call scripts can be sourced in seconds, allowing Sales to access the right script at the right time.

    CRM can automate tasks that normally damage Sales productivity and efficiency:

  • Automation means sales teams only deal with

    the best leads, reducing cycle times and boosting

    conversion rates.

  • 2. Creating better forecasting and reporting

    Banish inefficient report creation by exploiting CRMs ability to generate pipeline reports on the fly.

    Deploy them to create accurate and up-to-date sales forecasts that are backed up by live data, not nebulous sales gut instincts.

    CRM can aid Sales understanding of the pipeline and potential sales opportunities:

  • 3. Boosting alignment

    increase in annual revenue growth for aligned


    decline in revenue for unaligned enterprise.

    32% 7%

    CRM can align Sales and Marketing more closely, ripping down silos and boosting cross-departmental collaboration:


  • CRM offers a suite of benefits to help achieve this alignment, including real-time virtual dashboards featuring charts, metrics and KPIs. Both

    departments can use these in real-time, monitoring each others progress and enabling them to offer feedback on performance.

    3. Boosting alignment

  • CRM helps the teams to share access to the same customer accounts or types so both departments are singing from the same hymn sheet, not pulling against one another. Leads can be judged as qualified by CRM

    based on preset criteria, meaning there is no need for either Sales or Marketing to make judgement calls that the other may disagree with.

    3. Boosting alignment

  • Purchase histories can be easily tracked, offering excellent opportunities for up- and cross-selling, thus maximising the potential of your existing client base.

    3. Boosting alignment

  • 4. Going Mobile

    Access live data as and when needed from account histories to promotional materials.

    Enter data out in the field and synchronise it with the company CRM via the Cloud, instead of being required to return to the office.

    CRM allows sales reps out in the field to enjoy full access to all critical sales information via mobile or tablet. They can:

    Meanwhile, managers stay plugged in wherever their team are in the world, able to monitor their work in real-time.

  • 4. Going Mobile

    increase in sales productivity.


    Implementing CRM mobile capabilities creates a

  • 5. Driving Home The Benefits

    Bad data in,bad data out.

    While the benefits of CRM are numerous, it remains up to management to advocate and train their sales teams to ensure buy-in.

    Failing to do so risks:

  • 5. Driving Home The Benefits

    Drive home the benefits by highlighting:

    The effortlessness of CRM data capture if

    protocols are followed.

    The increased potential for sales


    The ability for sales reps to offer their feedback so the

    platform is tailored to their needs.

  • If you dont have time to implement a training programme, bring a third

    party consultant on board to take Sales representatives through the benefits of

    CRM. It will transform their work lives and increase their sales success stories.

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