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COMPREHENSION TEST3 Who said this? Who did they say it to? Dora, Krishna, Granny, his wife, Acayo, the husband, Nan, Amma, Sonny, the veta Old man, come here. You hungry? to b Dont be sorry. You have to do it. to c All your life you will have to work for him. to d Keep the 50, it is for your assistant, Mbambo. to e Perhaps I will get a new one after all. to 20 marks4 Fill in the gaps using: where, and, at, in, who, down, with, into, over, ofYears are gone, a young woman a curved eyebrow cooks rice a pot an open flame. Her daughter shakes her little feet the sky. The woman sees the long feet of a child will never know they came from. The tears run her cheek, falling the steaming pot rice. 20 marks5 Match a number from A with a letter from B to make full sentences. A1 ___ I look down to the ground ...2 ___ When I finished ... 3 ___ I kiss Leonard ... 4 ___ He only saw her once ...5 ___ She will never find a good husband ... Ba ... and give him the scarf.b ... because I dont want her to see the tears in my eyes.c ... but he remembered her eyes.d ... if people know her secret.e ... there was a crowd of people watching. 20 marks Total marksOXFORD BOOKWORMS LIBRARY STAGE 2 11 OXFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS PHOTOCOPIABLECries from the Heart:Stories from Around the World Retold by Jennifer Bassett1 Which story do these sentences come from? The Photograph, Leonard, A Pot Full of Tears, The House, Doras Turn, Callus, Nimble Fingers, The Festive Season in a Part of Africaa He took off the soft blue scarf that was the same colour as his eyes. b The boy will eat well every day, he will have the love of a family around him. c Then I looked at the cow and found that the calf was still alive, and very, very big. d My friend Dora also tried to escape, and shell be next. e He put his mouth close to her ear and whispered thank you. f The teenager feels the fat at the top of her legs. g She watched him pack his clothes and his wedding suit into his old suitcase. h The girl caught the photographers eye. i I took the money from her with my open hands side by side, in the proper Zulu way. j I love to watch Weaver-Maama working. 20 marks2 Are these sentences true (T) or false (F)?a ___ The photographer has a protein bar.b ___ The child will never see the long feet of his father.c ___ Mad Tiger kills Dora.d ___ The husband never had to complain about his wife, not once.e ___ Sonny wants his children to have a place where they have a better life.f ___ Leonard thanks his wife for the scarf she has knitted him.g ___ A helicopter gunship has found Mad Tigers group.h ___ Krishna can work with Weaver-Maama.i ___ The blue scarf was the first gift Leonard gave to his wife.j ___ Granny gave the vet four of the 200 rand notes. 20 marksOBW2_Tests_MT_revised3pps.indd 11 3/12/07 14:50:44MULTIPLE-CHOICE TESTOXFORD BOOKWORMS LIBRARY STAGE 2 60 OXFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS PHOTOCOPIABLESettingChoose the best answer.1 The food trucks bring bags of _____. a c protein bars b c rice c c films d c dust2 The magazines found beautiful African _____. a c models b c journalists c c teenagers d c boys3 My hands are _____ but I want to knit a scarf. a c soft b c tired c c hurt d c crooked4 Leonard goes to a day-care _____. a c concert b c shop c c centre d c house5 They travel to a country at war because _____. a c she is no good b c they have lots of money c c they are happy d c they want a baby6 The church _____ people with drink problems. a c took b c helped c c explained d c forgot7 The children want to _____ Mad Tiger. a c escape from b c help c c find d c watch 8 Not everyone is _____ enough to have two wives. a c soft b c good c c old d c rich9 Krishna works in a factory because of _____ debt. a c his mothers b c Weaver-Maamas c c his grandfathers d c Thangachis10 The sweet wild fruit grows around the _____ in the festive season. a c kraals b c cow c c huts d c clinic 20 marksCharactersChoose the best answer.11 The _____ girl falls under the boys feet. a c cruel b c dusty c c starving d c hot12 The teenagers parents are African but she _____. a c never eats too much b c has never travelled out of America c c likes Disney films d c is a Nigerian model13 Leonards eyes come alive when he _____. a c touches the scarf b c speaks c c eats dinner d c goes to the day-care centre14 The old man wants his daughter to _____. a c hold the baby b c say goodbye c c find a good husband d c stay with him15 A wife who _____ is no use to the family. a c is barren b c loves her husband c c talks softly d c wants to die16 Nan was going to agree because she _____. a c cared about Tanya b c trusted Sonny c c was hungry d c sold fruit on the street corner17 Acayo cannot kill _____ because they are friends. a c the other commanders b c Mad Tiger c c the little boy d c Dora18 She wanted to tell her husband about _____. a c the cologne b c the pillows c c her feelings d c the suitcase19 Amma is unhappy because Krishna _____. a c has nimble fingers b c has to work for Saami c c wants to work for Weaver-Maama d c asks the same question20 The vet _____ but he still asked for 750 rand. a c put the cow to sleep b c walked for an hour c c carried his bags d c made a mistake 20 marksDialogueWho said this?21 The boys wont have to hustle like me. a c Nan b c Sonny c c Jake d c Tanya22 Do you still want to be a doctor? a c Dora b c Mad Tiger c c the commander d c Acayo23 Why can I not work with Weaver-Maama? a c Amma b c Saami c c Krishna d c Thangachi24 I happy to see that you alright now. a c Nan b c Sonny c c Jake d c Tanya25 I can see you are a clever young man. a c the vet b c Granny c c the schoolboy d c Mbambo26 There will be more sons to continue the family name. a c the new wife b c the husband c c the wife d c the family27 It looks good if you dont look too closely. a c Leonard b c the niece c c the wife d c Dan28 Your suitcase. Its old. You need a new one. a c the new wife b c the husband c c the wife d c the familyCries from the Heart:Stories from Around the World Retold by Jennifer BassettOBW2_Tests_MT_revised3pps.indd 60 3/12/07 14:51:01MULTIPLE-CHOICETESTOXFORD BOOKWORMS LIBRARY STAGE 2 61 OXFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS PHOTOCOPIABLECries from the Heart:Stories from Around the World Retold by Jennifer Bassett29 Hit him harder! Get closer to him! a c Dora b c the little boy c c Acayo d c Mad Tiger30 We must talk about money. Is business now. a c the vet b c Granny c c the schoolboy d c Mbambo 20 marksVocabularyChoose the best answer.31 money that you must pay back to somebody a c diamond b c garbage c c debt d c drug32 very surprising a c amazing b c crooked c c pale d c wild33 to shake because you are cold, afraid, or ill a c hustle b c scare c c breathe d c tremble34 the soft part of the face below the eyes a c throat b c eyebrow c c cheek d c neck35 something (e.g. anger, fear) that you feel inside yourself a c flame b c feelings c c cologne d c future36 a disease which causes pain in the joints of the body a c arthritis b c assistant c c flame d c anniversary37 to say you dont like or are unhappy about something a c trust b c complain c c weave d c joke38 something that you do or say to make people laugh a c spin b c admire c c joke d c scare39 a dangerous thing that people put in their bodies because it makes them feel happy, excited, different, brave, etc. a c diamond b c drug c c drunkard d c date40 fighting between countries, or between groups of people a c whip b c garbage c c government d c war 20 marksPlotChoose the best answer.41 His wife _____ the scarf when Leonard goes to the day-care centre. a c feels b c takes off c c knits d c kisses42 The young woman cries for her _____ with long feet. a c daughter b c grandson c c father d c child43 The teenager is careful about what she eats because she wants to _____. a c be thin b c go to Africa c c be fat d c take photographs44 Acayo feels ill because _____. a c she smokes b c she wants to escape c c she is hungry d c she doesnt want to kill Dora45 The Chinese wife wanted to talk to her husband about _____. a c the business b c his family c c the pillows d c her feelings46 Sonny wanted to give the house to _____. a c street people b c his children c c Jake d c the church47 When Amma is _____ she hits her head with her open hand. a c happy b c free c c brave d c unhappy48 The government army guns give Dora and Acayo the chance _____. a c to kill Mad Tiger b c to talk c c to escape d c to come to life49 Granny is happy to pay the vet _____. a c because he has saved the calf b c a handful of notes c c because it is the Festive Season d c 1,000 rand50 Nan helped _____ when they needed someone. a c street people b c Sonny c c Jake d c Tanya 20 marks Total marksOBW2_Tests_MT_revised3pps.indd 61OBW2_Tests_MT_revised3pps.indd 61 9/5/08 12:59:579/5/08 12:59:57