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No matter the size of your organization, you must be credible in order for prospects to become customers. Enjoy this presentation to see how to boost your credibility today.


Increase Business by Communicating Your Credibility

Credibility & Cash FlowTerry Wygals BluePrint 2

Presented by:Felicia J. Slattery, M.A., M.Ad.Ed.Communication Consultant, Speaker & Coach

Communication Transformation Consulting

How Do You Decide Where to Buy?

Who Am I?Communication Expert since 1996 TeacherConsultant, speaker, and coachMaster of Adult Education & Training Master of CommunicationWork-at-Home, Small Business Owner

Who Are You?Small, work-at-home business ownerWant: Freedom & cash flowHave: Information to shareWonder: How to spread your message

Credibility = More Cash Flow & FreedomIncreasing sales comes from persuasion.Persuasion = MotivationTo persuade you need to be credible.Therefore, increased credibility will equal increased business.

What Well CoverThree Cs of Credibility Types of Information Needed to Boost Credibility

The Key to it All: Understanding One, Important Component

The Three Cs of CredibilityCompetence Character Charisma

CompetenceDefinition: Your expertise on the subject areaQuestion: How can you can communicate your competence to an audience?Your Turn: Open for comments!

Source: Understanding Human Communication, 10th Ed., Adler & Rodman.

Communicating CompetenceState credentials (See my earlier slide!)Talk about experienceCite outside sourcesShare testimonials or anecdotes about clients youve helped

CharacterDefinition: Your audience's perception of the speakers honesty and impartialityQuestion: How can you communicate your character to an audience?Your Turn: Open for comments

Communicating CharacterIntegrity: keep your wordSpeak positively of your competitionIn a presentation, provide a preview and review, and stick to your planIn any communication, remain professional at all times

CharismaDefinition: The audience's perception of the speakers enthusiasm and likeability Question: How can you best communicate your charisma to an audience?Your Turn: Open for comments!

Communicating CharismaChoose a topic you LOVE and are passionate aboutSmile and laugh Make direct eye contact

Info Needed to Increase Credibility1. Credentials2. Experience3. Facts4. Anecdotes5. StatisticsBe the Google for your prospects.

The Key: Know Your AudienceIts all in your audiences perception!

Evaluate Your AudienceDemographics Values

Attitude toward your topic

What We Talked AboutIncreasing Credibility will Lead to Increased BusinessThree Cs of Credibility: Competence, Character and CharismaInformation Needed to Boost CredibilityThe Key: Understanding Your Audience

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Increase Your Business TodayOnce you begin to effectively communicate your credibility to your prospects, new business will come to you almost automatically.

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