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101 Business Insights is the first business networking site that rewards members for their time and input. As a member you get real, asset-backed rewards for commenting, posting or even simply hanging out at the site. It’s our way of thanking you for engaging with and growing the network, and for being part of the most vibrant business community on the net.


  • 1. 101 Business Insights clarifies the essentials necessary for realistic and sustainable business innovation. YOURE STUMBLING ALONG WITH INNOVATION YOU KNOW YOU NEED IT, BUT DONT KNOW HOW TO GET THERE.

2. The Creativity and Innovation Channel partner is a specialist in the important role of creativity in healthy and innovative organizations, and can help you sort through many myths about how creativity works. CONFUSED ABOUT CREATIVITY YOURE NOT SURE HOW IT WORKS, OR HOW TO BRING IT INTO BUSINESS 3. The Creativity and Innovation Channel is full of insights to help yousharpen your thinking skills and learn to thrive in a changing world. YOU HAVE AN URGENT NEED TO FIND VIABLE NEW SOLUTIONS IN A CHAOTICALLY CHANGING WORLD. 4. 101 BUSINESS INSIGHTS The go-to portal for multi- disciplinary Business Insights and Solutions. 5. SINGLE PORTAL One interface, over 1000 Business Insights across multiple disciplines 6. New holistic approach to solving Business Problems as opposed to traditional silo- based solutions 7. APPLIES TO Everyone, Entrepreneurs, Managers, Executives or Specialists SKILL LEVEL APPLIES TO Easy, Intermediate, Difficult or Expert RELEVANCE Small Business, Big Business, Doing it, Tips & Strategies, Definitions & Theories, Software, Training & Development RANK Advanced (Moderated by Specialists), Expert (un-moderated), Specialist or Guru (Authors and Moderators) STARS Denotes how many business discipline the author has achieved in excess of 1,000 points each (Denotes their breadth of knowledge) Customize ADVANCE SEARCH The go-to portal for multi-disciplinary Business Insights and Solutions Customize your view by selecting the search settings which matters most to you. Choose from 8. YOUR RESIDENT SPECIALIST Please email Amy@BusinessInsights.Info with any question you have or topics of interest you would like covered. Feedback is always welcome. View Amys profile at MSc APPLIED CREATIVITY AND INNOVATION CONSULTANT, FACILITATOR, TRAINER, WRITER MSc, is an organizational and leadership development consultant based out of Seattle, Washington. Her work is targeted toward improving organizational health and human effectiveness though a multi-disciplinary approach to successful creative thinking. With a background in theatre and a Master of Science in Creativity Studies, Amys work blends the arts and social sciences into holistic, grounded methods for identifying, accessing and sustaining peak creative performance. Clients come from the worlds of non-profit, technology, consumer goods, associations, creative firms, governmental organizations and others. Amy holds a graduate certificate in Creativity and Change Leadership from the International Center for Studies in Creativity, and a Master of Science from SUNY, Buffalo, the worlds first and leading program for applied creativity and innovation. AMY FRAZIER 9. CREATIVITY AS THE FOUNDATION FOR INNOVATION THE CREATIVE SYSTEM AT WORK CREATIVITY AND LEADERSHIP; CREATIVE LEADERSHIP ENHANCING EMPLOYEE MOTIVATION AND ENGAGEMENT THE CREATIVE PROCESS TOP INNOVATION RECOMMENDATIONS MANAGING CREATIVITY KEY FOCUS 10. KEY DIFFERENTIATOR Remember, your Insight portfolio serves as a public statement of your Insightful competence, so build it with pride. CONSULTING Offer consulting services to fellow members with rates ranging from i$2 to i$10 per minute depending on your Insight Rank. NEWSLETTERS Make sure you select Creativity & Innovation as an area of interest in order to receive live feeds by email SHARING INSIGHTS Share your own Insights, get feedback and earn Insight Points FRIENDS Make friends with fellow 101 Insight members and expand your network ACTIVITY Engage with like-minded members, join existing teams or start your own SOCIAL SHARING Get rewarded for socially sharing content PARTICIPATE COMMENTING Comment on Discussions and get Rewarded with Insight Points 11. TEAM DYNAMICS NET-WEAVING A focus on adding value, as opposed to networking, which has a focus on extracting value NEW TEAMS Anyone can start a team (Team Admin) and a team can have multiple Team Admins DEFINE YOUR TEAM Give your team a name and define its core purpose JOIN TEAMS Find a team you like? request permission to join from the team admin INVITE FRIENDS Invite friends who have the required skillset to join your team 12. MUST READS ZIG ZAG: THE SURPRISING PATH TO GREATER CREATIVITY GARY KEITH SAWYER CREATIVITY RISING: CREATIVE THINKING AND CREATIVE PROBLEM SOLVING IN THE 21ST CENTURY GERARD PUCCIO, MARIE MANCE, LAURA BARBERO SWITALSKY, PAUL REALI. 13. MUST READS THE CREATIVE HABIT: LEARN IT AND USE IT FOR LIFE TWILA THARP CREATIVE PEOPLE MUST BE STOPPED: 6 WAYS WE KILL INNOVATION (WITHOUT EVEN TRYING). DAVID OWENS. 14. MAKING IDEAS HAPPEN: OVERCOMING THE OBSTACLES BETWEEN VISION AND REALITY. SCOTT BELSKY MUST READS 15. LINKS The Creativity Post 99 U Think Jar Collective m/ Creativity Station at the International Center for Studies in Creativity: KEY LINKS THAT WILL HELP YOU FIND THE BEST RESOURCES 16. What to expect going forward and if its not here suggest a topic Micro-interventions for Supporting Creativity at Work Clarifying the Fuzzy Front End of Innovation Working with Creative People Getting Beyond the Devils Advocate in Innovation The Surprising Effect of Novelty Creativity and Motivation Creative Leadership: Showing the Way The Practice of Innovation UPCOMING TOPICS 17. BUSINESS DISCIPLINES CROWDSOURCING BUSINESS ANALYTICS SALES BUSINESS ADVISORY NLP SUCCESS COACHING LEADERSHIP BUSINESS TOOLS MONEY MATTERS INTERNET SECURITY CREATING LEVERAGE FUTURE IDEAS ENTREPRENEURSHIP MARKETING SOCIAL MEDIA CHANGE MANAGEMENT KNOWLEDGE, TECHNOLOGY & CULTURE STRATEGY SYSTEMS THINKING PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT CAREER DEVELOPMENT CREATIVITY & INNOVATION 18. PARTICIPATE ITS YOURS FOR THE TAKING Remember that the more you participate and engage with us, the quicker you: BUILD YOUR INSIGHT SCORE ACCUMULATE INSIGHT $S TO REDEEM AGAINST PURCHASES ACQUIRE INSIGHT STARS ADVANCE THROUGH THE RANKS 19. 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