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Creative Photography Composition Angle Lighting Lens Slide 2 COMPOSITION: Framing Frame your subject HORIZONAL, VERTICAL, or TILTED. Slide 3 COMPOSITION: Cropping Crop your subject 1/3, 2/3, or 3/3. Try cropping for details. Slide 4 COMPOSITION: Rule of Thirds Rule of Thirds: Place your subject on the LEFT or RIGHT, TOP or BOTTOM third, or on a HOT SPOT where the 1/3 lines cross. Slide 5 Rule of Thirds Slide 6 Hot Spots Slide 7 ANGLE: Look at your subject from FRONT, BACK, LEFT and RIGHT Slide 8 ANGLE: Look at your subject from LOW, NORMAL, and HIGH angles. Slide 9 ANGLE: Look for the best for BACKGROUND, LIGHTING, & SUBJECT. Slide 10 LIGHTING: Direct Sunlight Direct Sunlight: Sun in front of subject Direct light can create harsh shadows Slide 11 LIGHTING: Shade Shade: Sun blocked to create shade Slide 12 LIGHTING: Backlight Backlight: Sun behind subject Try using flash with backlight to prevent dark silhouette Slide 13 LIGHTING: Diffused Light Diffused light: Sunlight softened by clouds (or sheet, etc.) Sunrise/set softened by atmosphere Slide 14 LIGHTING: Direct sunlight, Shade, Backlight, Diffused Slide 15 LIGHTING: TIME OF DAY TIME OF DAY: What are the best times of day for your subject area? Slide 16 LENS Wide-Angle Telephoto Distance Slide 17 LENS: Wide-Angle Wide-Angle Lens provides a wide views, shows more background & expands subject area Slide 18 LENS: Telephoto Telephoto lens provides a narrow view, shows less background & compresses subject area Slide 19 LENS: Distance Try different distances from the subject using different lenses. (Zoom lens in for wide angle and out for telephoto.) Slide 20 Creative Photography Composition Angle Lighting Lens then PHOTOSHOP!