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  1. 1. Marisa ConstantinidesMarisa Constantinides Teacher Educator &Teacher Educator & Director of CELT Athens,Director of CELT Athens, Teacher Development CentreTeacher Development Centre
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  3. 3. @Marisa Constantinides CELT Athens - IATEFL Harrogate 2010
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  11. 11. YES/NO Questions only! YES/NO Questions only!
  12. 12. You were seen leading a group ofYou were seen leading a group of blindfolded students through a Mallblindfolded students through a Mall You were seen gluing apples to a wallYou were seen gluing apples to a wall outside your class before an IELTS classoutside your class before an IELTS class
  14. 14. DrillingDrilling RoleplaysRoleplays Use of L2Use of L2 Use of L1Use of L1 PPPPPP TBLTBL
  15. 15. Keep going e.g. a. Keep asking questions b. Keep making statements or c. Avoid asking questions (reported questions are OK )
  16. 16. e.g. In a group, discuss how you would go about organising some reading circles in your school
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  19. 19. Lesson Planning Course Planning Adapting existing materials Creating their own materials Designing material quickly and off the cuff Responding to learner needs with more confidence Generating more ideas for their classes
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