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<p>CRAZY-FUN BIRTHDAYPARTY IDEAS</p> <p>Kids look forward to their birthdays all year long, and it is easy to understand why.</p> <p>On top of turning one more year older, they get to enjoy being the center of attention with their family and friends.</p> <p>For parents, however, birthday planning can get complicated when it seems as if everyone has done the usual bounce house and cartoon character parties.</p> <p>This year, give your kid a true surprise by using these crazy-fun birthday party ideas as inspiration for adding some excitement to the special occasion.</p> <p>HAVE A BLAST WITH LASER TAG</p> <p>Kids love futuristic play, and laser tag is one activity that just gets better when kids can play with a huge crowd.</p> <p>As kids divide into teams and devise their strategies, the parents will get a kick out of watching to see who emerges as the leaders.</p> <p>Your guests will also love the adrenaline rush that comes from stepping into a world where every move could make them a target.</p> <p>After running, leaping and rolling to dodge the blasts, your guests will be blissfully tired by the time you are ready for the cake to be served.</p> <p>ENCOURAGE THEM TO CLIMB THE WALLS</p> <p>Forget throwing a birthday party where your whole goal as the host is to stop the kids from climbing the walls.</p> <p>With a rock climbing party, your guests can be as wild as they please.</p> <p>Since you know that they will be safely harnessed and guided by trained professionals, you can relax as the party literally hits full swing.</p> <p>The best part is that even kids who have climbed before will feel like it is a new experience, since there is always a new challenge to conquer such as scaling to a new height.</p> <p>HOST A BATTLE OF THE BOATS</p> <p>Pin-the-tail on the donkey may have kept your kid entertained when they were two, but older kids need a bigger competition than the classic birthday fare.</p> <p>For a summer birthday party, put a new twist on a nautical theme by arranging for your party attendees to go on a boating adventure.</p> <p>If theyve never left dry land before, then is no need for worries. Bumper boats are safe and easy enough for young kids to operate with supervision.</p> <p>Just make sure to grab your waterproof camera to capture all those bumps and laughter in action.</p> <p>PUT ON A DRAMATIC PRODUCTION</p> <p>Over the years, your kid has become quite the character and their birthday is the perfect place to highlight their creativity.</p> <p>Give your child a birthday that they will always remember by encouraging them and their friends to put on a play.</p> <p>Whether they recreate an old favorite or improvise a completely new production, having an array of props and costumes will set the stage for a memorable dramatic event.</p> <p>Whether they recreate an old favorite or improvise a completely new production, having an array of props and costumes will set the stage for a memorable dramatic event.</p> <p>Birthday parties are the one time of the year when you get to show your kid how special they are to your family. </p> <p>Yet, coming up with an awesome theme and activities gets more difficult as your kid gets older.</p> <p>By choosing activities that challenge your guests to use their bodies and minds in new ways </p> <p> you will keep them interested and ensure that your next celebration leaves a long-lasting impression.</p> <p>Let your kids experience a fun birthday celebration at Maplewood Summer Day Camp.</p> <p>Experienced staff will keep your child both safe and busy with arts and crafts, games, water sports, gymnastics and more.</p> <p>VISIT THE SITE AT</p> <p>MAPLEWOOD COUNTRY DAY CAMP AND ENRICHMENT CENTER150 Foundry St. (Route 106)PO Box 88 (Mailing)South Easton, MA 02375Email: info@maplewoodyearround.comTelephone: (508) 238-2387FAX: (508) 238-1154</p>