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UX Design Process


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Crafting ExperienceUX Design Process and Testing


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Reza PrabowoFull-time Cyclist, part-time UX Designer


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What is UX?I’m pretty sure the dude before me

has explained it brilliantly.

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But what does a UX Designer do?The Five Competencies of User Experience Design

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IAInformation ArchitectureThe interface structure and navigation scheme

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IDInteraction DesignThe page-level layout, task fulfilment, and

component flow

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UEUsability EngineeringThe study of discrepancies between expected

and actual user behavior

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VDVisual DesignThe consistent visual treatment of elements

and components

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VD“What people often overlook is that, for every type of

user interface element the interaction designer

specifies, the visual designer must design a widget or

devise a corresponding style. And the visual designer

must consistently apply these styles to every instance

of each element throughout the application”

- Steve Psomas

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PTPrototypingThe functioning composition of proposed

interactive concepts

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UX Design Process

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AnalysisCollecting information about the probleməˈnalɪsɪs

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User Research

• Surveys - Get feedback from users

• User Interviews - Everyone has a story, dig them deep

• User testing - Sitting users in front of your website or app and

asking them to perform tasks, and to think out loud while doing so

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Competitive Analysis• Benchmarking similar products / competitor

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Trend Analysis• Spot the latest trend and find out why they

do it that way




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ˌʌɪdɪˈeɪʃ(ə)nIdeationThe formation of ideas or concepts.

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• Sketch your ideas. Proven to be the fastest UX solutions • Adaptive Path's Sketchboard

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• Create relationships.

Between pages,

screens, components

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dɪˈzʌɪnDesignThe fun part.

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Low fidelity wireframes

• A visual guide that represents the skeletal framework of a

website / application

• With lo-fi wireframe, we can test and iterate design

solutions faster

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dɪˈzʌɪnLo-fi wireframes

Tools: UXPin, Balsamiq, Axure, OmniGraffle.


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Visual Design

• Communicates the brand, interactivity, workflow, and


• Consistently apply these styles to every instance of each


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dɪˈzʌɪnVisual designDesign

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ˈprəʊtətʌɪPrototypingMaking it work

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• Deliver prototypes of concept models for testing by the

usability engineer.

• Increasing process efficiency

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Prototyping: Tools

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Prototyping: Tools

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Prototyping: Tools

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Prototyping: Tools

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• UXPin -

• inVision -

• -

• Axure -

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ˈdɒkjʊm(ə)ntDocumentMaking documents and specifications of the user experience.

Making it easier for developer to understand how it works

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ˈɪmplɪm(ə)ntImplementWorking with the developer to make sure they

deliver the application / website as designed

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dɪˈplɔɪDeployYou can relax now. But is it over?

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But this is the easiest way to explain what UX is

Never mind the fact that they use comic sans

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Reza PrabowoFull-time Cyclist, part-time UX Designer